Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition – Features, Download, FAQ


  1. wow what a joke office starter turned out to be, use it a few times and it starts asking for a product key,then stops loading up altogether! plus try getting some help from microsoft for it,not possible!!!! hope the advertisers dont pay much to not have their ads seen!


    Office Starter (Word and Excel) is contained for complete offline installation in the OPK for Office 2010. After Installation it is genuine and activated. You must not install normal Office because these are trials which will need keys. Office Starter has no key and does not need one. And the download does *not* cost money..

    Limitations : docx/xlsx files have no preview thumbs in Vista/7 and preview pane in explorer will not show content. Thats not because Starter is “crippled”, its because of this :
    Office Starter is a virtualized product. It installs into a (non existant ) “Drive Q” which nobody can access. There is no word.exe or excel.exe, only “Officevirt.exe” and “Client Virtualization Handler”,CVH.exe.

    The technic behind this is called “App-V”. Server-sided streaming of apps to thin clients. Now for Office2010 Microsoft puts the “server” into “Drive Q” and uses the CVH.exe to stream Office 2010 onto your desktop..

    This only works with Vista SP1 above ( 32 and 64 ). OEMs are being told that its impossible on XP.

    Total weired and overcomplicated. The Enduser however will never notice that. He will only wonder why he has a “Q” drive and why the Icons for Excel and Word point in fact to “CVH.exe” .

    Installation of Office2010 Starter takes less then 2 Minutes with the OPK plus a reboot. You must use the offline installer inside the “Starter” folder. ( thats the one without “OL” in its name ).

    If you click under help you see “product activated” ( without ever having contact to MS servers ). You can even create “Office to go” USB sticks afterwards, which contains the exact copy of your “Q” drive.. once inserted into your friends pc it will install “Click 2 Run”, which is again the ominous CVH.exe Handler that streams apps..

    The ads in the apps can be lived with. Nothing serious-only MS office inhouse branded ads to get you to buy the full package, no popups or disturbings. Its a small area of the screen only with the ads. On 16:9 screens no problem.

    Word 2010 Starter has all the nifty effects like picture-editing, new word art with glow effects etc plus what you would expect : more then Wordpad. Excel seems to have openoffice like capabilities, not too confusing.

    Overall the both are far more developped as Works has ever been. Only a database program is missing.

    Find a login name for at bugmenot and load the OPK thing .. that easy.

    More time consuming : find the online installer for your language at mdl etc. ( roughly few megabytes ) It will download the rest on its own from MS, but takes ages to load and install ( cause it loads only feature by feature, for instance you click in word on “clipart” .. then it will download the “feature” ) . The Offline OPK is the perfect thing to have all in one installed within minutes. Add the powerpoint viewer and you have a basic fools proof office suite at the only cost of having a “Q” drive and see some non disturbing ads to your right side of the screen ( vistas sidebar is more disturbing then that ) ..

  3. the offline installers have the names “SetupConsumerC2R…OL..” ( countrycode etc is individual ) . OL means : they load the content from Online. In the OPK there is also a copy without OL in its name plus the other one.

  4. i uninstalled ms officee starter from my laptop and installed office i a cant open the documents i worked on in the starter pack.pliz help

  5. I’m not trying to get banned, but I hear that if you Google SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe …

  6. Mines never asked for a product key I used it for a year? Now I can’t find the site to download it again…bummer

  7. Don’t waste your time. This website is a lie. It is one of the many websites that say it’s a free genuine microsoft software download, but if you’ll just click on the tab, you see that they are only offering Open Office, which is completely different, and completely sucks. Take my advice, don’t waste your computer’s hard drive on this.

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  9. I can not open a word or excel document from an email. It says I do not have enough memery but it is a brand new laptop with tons of memory. I can open PDF documents. Any thoughts?

  10. been using office starter for a year on netbook. niece uninstalled it and I recovered, now it won’t open. says there’s a licensing issue.

  11. Check whether services Office Source engine , office software protection platform running , start thse then i am not getting the licence problem…


  12. what to do if ….”there was a problem setting up microsoft office starter 2010″ keep pop up every time i’m trying to install or running installer…pls. help

  13. As I have mentioned in the post, you cannot download Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition officially. You can only get it pre-loaded if you buy an OEM computer.

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