Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters for Office 2019 & Office 365

Just like Windows, Microsoft Office products are also activated to make sure it’s Genuine. Many a time it so happens that even with a valid license, the product keeps prompting for activation. These Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters will help you resolve license issues. It works for Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2106 and Office 2013.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365

Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooter


The Support and Recovery Assistant app runs on Windows PCs and can help you identify and fix activation issues with Office 365.

Download the installer for Office 365 Activation troubleshooter. Double click to launch, and it will download the Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooters for Office 365.

Once download and installation are complete, you will agree with Services agreement.

Next, allow it to make changes to the DLL. You will get a prompt about it. Since it is Microsoft, you can trust it.

On the welcome screen, it will prompt you to sign-in with your Office or Microsoft account connected with the domain.


Once the identity is confirmed, it will fix the activation problem if you have a valid key, else it will ask you to how to go ahead. It also helps you resolve other product issues including Outlook, Dynamic 365, OneDrive for business, Skype for business.

If you are working with Microsoft Support personnel on the issue, make sure to check the box.

Office 2019 & Office 2016 Activation Troubleshooter

Microsoft Office Activation Troubleshooter


If you are using Office 2019 or Office 2016 i.e. non-subscription Office products, you need to download a different activation troubleshooter.

Download it from here and run it. Don’t be confused if you see mention of Office 365. It works.

Click on Advanced option, and choose to Apply repairs automatically.

If it detects an issue, it will resolve it after you confirm the with the fix options prompt. The troubleshooter is familiar with other troubleshoot available on Windows. Click Next, get answers and suggestions and you are done.

Office 2013  Easy Fix Licensing Repair Tool


To fix the licensing issue, you need to uninstall the product key from the Office 2013 installation. Once removed, you can sign in with the same account and activate your product.

Download it and run to uninstall your product key in Office 2013.

Open any Office application, like Word or Excel

with email and password connected with the Office account.

If its the same account, your Office will be activated.

Let us know if any of the Microsoft Office activation troubleshooters help you resolve your Office Activation problems.

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