Vivaldi Browser 2.0 Review: Advanced Features and Improvements

Vivaldi web browser has come up with its latest version Vivaldi 2.0 which brings some amazing upgrades, new features, and many functionality improvements. This would be the best ever version of the browser because it brings more than 1500 improvements since its first version.

The latest Vivaldi gives users the total control over their browser and its settings. The way it looks feels and works, everything will now be under your control. With many new features, Vivaldi will be the best productivity tool on your PC. Let’s discuss this latest version of Vivaldi Web Browser in detail.

Vivaldi browser review

Customizable User Interface- While most of the web browsers today offer some customization, Vivaldi 2.0 has the most customizable interface by far. New, sleek and revamped interface lets users customize the browser as per their interests, passions, and personality. It’s not just about the looks; it is also about how it works. You can also change the layout of its elements as per your own preferences.

How about taking your address bar from top to the bottom, or displaying the tab bar vertically! You can also use the Reader View to read the web pages without any distractions, adjust the default zoom levels, change the themes and colors of your browser, edit the Windows background image, and customize Speed Dials too.

Vivaldi 2.0

While almost every browser lets you change the theme, with Vivaldi you can also schedule the theme changes. You just have to set your favorite theme schedules during specified times all through the day.

Secure Vivaldi Sync

Syncing with other computers will no more be risky. With Vivaldi syncing across the computers will be even more private and secure. You can now sync all your data between multiple computer systems securely. The data includes your autofill information, saved passwords, Speed Dials, browsing history, Bookmarks, extensions, and Notes. All your synced data is safe here because Vivaldi involves no third party server.

You can activate the Vivaldi Sync through Settings in your Browser’s Status Bar.

Smart Browsing Tools

Vivaldi 2.0 brings some interesting tools to make your browsing smarter. The new tools include-

  • Web Panels- These are the customizable tabs which keep your favorite websites easily accessible. You can save any of your preferred web pages in the Web Panel for quicker and easier access.
  • Downloads Panel- All your downloaded files are kept here in the chronological order. You just need to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D, and your files will be downloaded and saved in the ‘downloads panel’.
  • Bookmarks– This panel provides you quick access to all your saved bookmarks in the web browser.
  • Windows Panel- This panel gives you an overview of all open tabs, help you arrange them, create tab stacks, etc.
  • Notes- With the latest version of Vivaldi 2.0 you now can take Notes, adding a description and even screenshots to the notes while browsing. Use Vivaldi Notes to add your thoughts and ideas to any sites you visit.

Extensive Tab ManagementVivaldi browser review

Vivaldi is the only web browser which gives you extensive tab management. You can stack or group the tabs, rename them, drag and reposition them, hibernate or even mute them if required. Furthermore, you can create a split-screen view of your tab by simply dragging and resizing them. Vivaldi 2.0 also brings a list-style view of all your tab.

Easier Navigation

With the new Vivaldi, you can now get in-depth navigation to all your browsing history and statistics. These visual clues and stats will be visible only to you. Also, the new UI with new customizable Mouse Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts, you can complete your work with lightning speed. For example, you can reopen the closed tab just by clicking the Back button on your Keyboard.

While the tools like Speed Dials, Quick Commands and Bookmarks give you easier and quicker access to the web pages, the Fast Forward & Rewind function lets you jump through the search result pages. The latest version of Vivaldi also lets you assign the nicknames to the search engines for your convenience.

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Capture Tool

There is a new camera icon the status bar of your new Vivaldi web browser. This camera will help you capture the screenshots. You can now take a screenshot right from your web browser with the help of this new tool names Capture. The built-in Capture tool lets you take the screenshots on your own preferences. You can capture the full page or select a definitive screen. You can then choose to save the snap to your disk or to copy it on the clipboard for instant use. You can also add the screenshots in your Vivaldi Notes for the future reference.

Though the camera icon is present right on the status bar, you can also create the keyboard shortcut for quicker access.

Best Ever Privacy 

Almost every popular web browser tracks your browsing habits to serve you with the relevant advertisements, but with Vivaldi, your privacy comes the first. The new browser won’t track any of your browsing habits or store any of your data. You can use Vivaldi’s private Window to search whatever you want without being worried about the web tracking.

Go get it from its homepage and let us know what you think of it.

With these new tools and the functionality improvements, Vivaldi 2.0 will certainly double your productivity while working online.

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