Use your Android mobile phone as a Webcam for streaming

Streaming on the Internet is growing to be yet another career path taken by many. This stands to be another way for one to build their upon and share their skills and knowledge. But while using some desktops, webcam or any other imaging device is not available, and the streamer is forced to buy an external USB based imaging device. Companies like Logitech, iBall and HP (Hewlett Packard) are some leaders in this area. But today, we will be talking about a way that will help us use an Android device to replace the requirement for this special imaging hardware.

Use Android phone as a webcam for streaming

This trick would require some separate software across devices.

First, you need to get the #LiveDroid application from the Google Play Store on your Android device from here.

Second, you need a broadcasting software like OBS (Open Broadcaster Service). Find the latest version of OBS from your Windows 10 computer from their official website here.

Once you have both downloaded and installed, you can proceed ahead.

First, get your Android device connected to a WiFi network for the best results and then open #LiveDroid application on your Android device.

You will land on a page like this-

Now, you will have two options namely-

  1. With Preview.
  2. Without Preview.

The first option will need your phone’s screen to be on until you want the stream to be opened. Whereas, the other option will make it continue to work even when you lock your phone.

Now, open Open Broadcaster Service software on your Windows computer.

Hit the button in the Scenes section and select Browser source. It will open a new mini window.

When you would have selected the appropriate option in the #LiveDroid app on your Android device, you might have got a Source URL. Enter that source URL in that mini window. Save the configuration by clicking OK.

Check if your video stream if it is being broadcasted from your Android Phone’s camera to your OBS Software.

You can set up your broadcasting settings in OBS and start streaming flawlessly.

Keep this in mind

If you use a mobile data connection like 3G or 4G on your Android phone, it will work just fine, but you might face hiccups due to more reliability of WiFi over a mobile data connection.

This works with any broadcasting software as long as it supports video input from a source URL via a network connection.

For a head start, the configurations for the video feed must be around the following-

  • Camera : 0.
  • Frames Per Second: 15,000.
  • Resolution: 1280 x 960.
  • Quality: 100.

Hope this works for you.

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