WSUS Offline Update: Update Windows & Office without Internet connection


  1. Adding this neat program to my toolbox.
    Connecting a non patched OS to the internet to download all available updates is much worse,IMHO.

  2. Works well for me and instead vaguely guessing that it could be used as an attack vector and not testing like some douches (Mike!) I ran hash checks on a random sampling of the downloaded updates and watched the severs it downloaded from and guess what? The hashes are all good and the servers it was pulling the updates from were all legit windows update servers. Great job windows club, thanks for the useful app, me likey.

  3. Symantec classifies it as WS.Reputation.1 – not as a trojan : “WS.Reputation.1 is a detection for files that have a low reputation score based on analyzing data from Symantec’s community of users and therefore are likely to be security risks. Detections of this type are based on Symantec’s reputation-based security technology. Because this detection is based on a reputation score, it does not represent a specific class of threat like adware or spyware, but instead applies to all threat categories.”

    This classifications i generating several false positives for many software files.

    Nevertheless, I am updating the post.

    Interested users may see the scan results for the this file:

    Thank you.

  4. Windows update for Windows 7 x64 SP1 is stuck on checking. This looked like a possible solution. Tried several options including shutting down the firewall completely. New version didn’t work at all, missing files, failed verifications. Looks like it downloads lots of files from their own servers that were missing and/or corrupt. Wouldn’t recommend it, back to the drawing board. The windows club is usually a great place for problem solutions. Might want to update and find a better one for this issue. Grrr 🙁

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