Windows Hotfix Downloader: Download Windows Updates, Hotfixes, Security Patches

Keeping your Windows PC patched and updated is the best way to make it secure and Automatic Updates the best way to go! Windows Hotfix Downloader from the MDL forums, is a relatively new free tool that can download hotfixes for you and simplify your job with just few mouse clicks.

While you can  manually download Windows Updates in Windows 8, but using a third-party application may appeal to some. serves better as it allows you to select the updates manually and also to burn them to DVD and install on a system without permanent Internet connection and you can update Windows & Office without Internet connection.

Windows Hotfix Downloader

windows hotfix downloader

Windows Hotfix Downloader is a reliable application that helps you keeping your Windows computer system up-to-date. It enables you to download and apply the latest updates for your Windows and MS Office files. This is a small portable utility which downloads the updates of Windows 7/8/8.1 as well as Microsoft Office 2010/2013.

Windows Hotfix Downloader lets you select and download the General Updates, Hotfixes, Security Updates, Additional Updates and Extra Updates for your operating system.

The main UI of the program tells all. It has a very simple interface and you don’t need any particular instructions to use the program. All you have to do is to select the version of your Windows operating system and wait for some time. The program automatically displays the update name, release date along with its size/type.

The programs lists all the updates available but that doesn’t mean that you have to install all of them. You can always select the ones you want to install on your system. The program can also check and list the installed updates in your PC. It downloads the hotfixes and integrates them for both Windows and Office.

WHD screenshots

The good thing about the program is that updates are not selected by default. You can select then manually through check boxes. Just hover your mouse over any update and the program describes it. While the download speed depends on the speed of your internet connection, you can check the download progress in the main interface of the program.

The Windows Hotfix Downloader seems to be a helpful application to keep your system updated and you can get it here. It does it safely in just a few mouse clicks, but I have a doubt over here and I will be happy if anyone can solve my query. When I was reading about the program I read that there are Pause and Resume buttons. I wonder why I can’t see those buttons. All I am seeing is the ‘Cancel download’ button over here.

You may want to also check out WSUS Offline Update to update any computer running Microsoft Windows offline without an Internet connection.

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