Update Windows Defender even when Automatic Windows Updates is disabled in Windows 10/8


  1. Great article!

    Under Edit Trigger, it is strange there’s so few drop-down menu items by default.

    I noticed when changing to 6 hours, if I type just 6 then click OK and go back in, it assumed I meant 6 minutes. So if I just type ‘6 hours’ it works, showing ‘6 hours’ next next time I go in.

    Thank you Anand!

  2. It would have been helpful if you had included a standard hyphen (“-“) rather than &mdash or whatever that is in front of SignatureUpdate. I copied and pasted to prevent typos, and guess what? I would have been better off typing.

  3. I was able to get Windows Defender definition updates through services.msc. I changed Windows Updates to “automatic”, Windows Defender to “automatic” and another which I don’t seem to remember since I had to refresh my computer. Would you know of this process and how it’s done?

  4. Hey Anand, Thank You for the article, it worked great on Windows 8 as well!!, Thanks Again

  5. Works as described, although I thought that the ‘silent update’ option would actually be hidden and not noticeable, instead of bringing up and leaving the Windows Defender window. (ironically, the first option seems to just open up a CMD window and promptly closes itself when does, which while a bit rough, it what I was actually looking for)
    While I think I can work the CMD option to be fairly invisible, is there any other ways I can have it update without bringing up anything unnecessary?

  6. Thanks for this very helpful article! I didn’t want Windows Update downloading a different build of
    Windows10 so I disabled Windows Update in “Services”. Makes no sense when I already have it! Furthermore my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite is incompatible, hopefully for now, with Windows10 and using Defender is the only alternative to buying another security suite that could also be incompatible. Thanks Again!

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  8. Defining services as automatic has nothing to do with updates being automatic.The two are completely different concepts.

  9. Still wish that Windows provided granular control of what was automatic and what was manual so that Windows Defender can update automatically while other components can download but installation needing to be initiated manually.

  10. Ok, got a working solution:
    My task looks like the following:

    Action: “C:Program FilesWindows DefenderMpCmdRun.exe” Argument: -SignatureUpdate
    Triggers: Workstation unlock (because I use hibernation and want to update the Defender signatures when I get back from sleep – this is just my use case, maybe change it to a fixed time etc.)
    General: “Run whether user is logged on or not” + “Do not store password. The task will only have access to local computer resources.” >>> this hides the execution of the task

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