How To Uninstall Windows 8 Developer Preview completely

Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview promises to be one of the finest operating systems by Microsoft. Most of the users who are using Window 8 Developer Preview have given positive reviews for this operating system.

It has been reported that Windows 8 Developer Preview was downloaded 500,000 times in less than a day after its release. And by now, we can be sure that it has crossed the one million mark.

Windows 8 Developer Preview has introduced many new features and concepts and is compatible with all the systems which are compatible with the Windows 7. For this reason, most of the users dual boot Windows 8 Developer Preview with Windows 7.

If for some reason, you want to do uninstall Windows 8, you can follow any of the 2 methods discussed below:

Uninstall Windows 8 using the Boot Option in msconfig.

1. Type msconfig in start search and hit Enter.

2. System Configuration box will open up. Navigate to the Boot Tab and select Windows Developer Preview. Next click on Delete.

3. Click on Apply button and then finally click on OK.

4. Now, you just have to format the partition where you had installed Windows 8 Developer Preview and then you can get your disk space back. To do so, Open Computer folder and right-click the drive on which it has been installed. Select Format.

That’s it! You are all done!

Uninstall Windows 8 using EasyBCD


1. EasyBCD is a free utility which can be used to uninstall Windows 8 Developer Preview. For this, you first need to download and install EasyBCD application on Windows 7.

2. After installing EasyBCD, run it. Click on Yes if prompted by User Access Control

3. Now, click on the Edit Boot Menu button. You will see the entry named Windows Developer Preview. Select it and click on the Delete button.

4. A confirmation prompt will pop up. Click on Yes.

5. Now, you have just removed the Windows 8 Developer Preview entry from your boot menu. Click on Save settings and close the application.

6. The last step is to format the partition where you had installed Windows 8 Developer Preview to get your disk space back.

Following these steps, you will have successfully uninstalled Windows 8 Developer Preview from your computer completely.

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  1. Robert Batko

    Thank you for this guide, I used the first method.

  2. Daniel Oliynyk

    I’m stuck on the first step. Where in windows 8 do you search misconfig? I can’t find the start search in windows 8.

  3. Go to Metro View and just start typing in MSCONFIG it should search it and show in results.

  4. Randycarrero

    Ok I can’t delete it its the only one I have it says

  5. jim de vries

    me too

  6. I think we have the same problem. I didn’t make a separate partion for Windows 8 Preview. Now I can’t remove The preview without removing Windows 7 because I installed the Preview on top of Windows 7. I did see a site that provides instructions on uninstalling the Preview from Windows 7. If I find the site again I’ll leave a post with the URL.

  7. Abhijit Parida

    press win+R and type msconfig

  8. Teri

    Please find it… I know that you may have to re-install Windows 7 with the DVD disc… but I can not find mine… I guess I’ll have to keep searching.

  9. Jrhill113

    I tried using the laptop system to remove it, and its like a virus. I am going to be forced to wipe the drive and media from this 2009 hp laptop and hope my two dvd op system load back in. For me windows 8 was a computer nightmare, as the system did not play with any program I had on it.

  10. Clifford_ambler

    Thank you very much..the first method worked for me… now i can send my laptop for replacement without any fear.. 😀

  11. Izdatpaliboi067

    restart your pc then go to safe mode..and then open msconfig and delete it 😛 🙂

  12. Henrynw33

    I made a clean install of Winows 8 Pro, not a trial but a commercial release purchased at Bestbuy in Bellville, Ontario Canada. The Windows 8 install disk was the last boot disk to work in my DVD drive but since I installed Windows 8 no other disk I have will boot from my DVD drive – I’ve tried Fedora, Windows 8, and Windows XP Pro install disks – nor will any disks for printers or other program install disk run auto run intalls but in windows 8 my DVD drive is recognized and may be used in the usual manner.

    I installed Windows 8 as a full install replacing Windows XP Pro on one hard drive then from Widows 8 removed Fedora 17 from my second hard drive as I intended to install Fedora 18 to that drive. When I attempted to boot a Fedora 18 Live disk from shut down I found nothing would boot from my Dvd drive. My computer from stsrt up will boot ony from the hard drive containig Windows 8.

    My first thought was that the boot priority in my computer set up some how been changed but it has not. In my computer set set up the DVD drive is still shown as the first drive to be accessed.

    I have chatted with a couple of Techs from Microsoft support and they came to the conclusion that my Eprom has been compromised, and I did find that the Eprom protect feature had been left off since the last time I updated that from the supplier.
    I also found that the feature which allows me to update the Eprom no longer works.

    So the Microsoft Techs sugested this a problem they cannot correct. I feel however that it is a strange coincidense that my Eprom was compromised only after, or perhaps during, the install and if Eprom was attcked from other source than Windows 8 that the attack somehow changed the Eprom so that ony the drive containg Windows 8 contiued to work.

    Does any soul out there have any idea how I may get Windows off my computer and possibly get my eprom back in shape ?

  13. Yessenia

    I follow these instruction on how to unistall windows 8 on my hp laptop and it works.I had the hardest time to delete it 🙂

  14. Yessenia

    I did the easyBCD And It Works 🙂

  15. If you are not using a touch screen device you cannot enjoy all the features of WIndows 8. For desktop computers and Laptops WIndows 7 is the best.

  16. Joyce Ward

    I began following instructions to uninstall windows 8 in the system config file. When I got to the boot tab and clicked on it, it said, “Windows 8 (C: Windows) : Current OS; Default OS”. The “delete” button was gray in colored and I was not allowed to click on it. What can I do next to continue to uninstall Windows 8? Thanks for your help.

  17. brice hatchett

    im stuck on step 2

  18. 2mt

    i even try it on safe mode but i still dont have the option to 8 doesnt let me to format it even when im tryin to do format it while installing a new windows.

  19. Jessica

    I don’t have that option in the boot screen. All I have is the C:windows line. Any ideas? I bougt a new computer with windows 8 to work from home but our computer systems wont support 8 so I purchased windows 7 and need to install it. I assume I need to uninstall 8 because it wont install 7 when I put it in and I am having troubles! Any suggestions??

  20. When I faced this problem, I called AskPCTechies support team and they had resolved the issue of uninstalling windows 8 using the boot option in misconfig, exactly in the same way as mentioned above.

  21. Vy Eddleman

    Windows 8 is the WORST program I’ve ever used and will NEVER EVER recommend it to anyone. I want Windows XP back and if I could find someone to download it for me I’d do it in a heart beat. I do NOT care about a lot of the so called great features it says it has. At 60 all I do is check my emails, Facebook, and Club Pogo, and sometimes I do search on something I’m looking for and that is it. So now it’s time to figure out how to delete Windows 8 off my HP Pavillion 20 All in One permanently.

  22. Aditya Joshi

    how to install windows 7 in .iso format

  23. Aditya Joshi

    and remove windows8

  24. The guide is really useful.
    I am going to unstall the Windows 8 Developer in my laptop and install a WIndows 10. The newest is the best I think. I will purchase a external dvd optical drive before that.

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