TrayStatus lets you enable status indicator for Keyboard keys

In earlier days, computers displayed physical indicator lights for Caps Lock, Num Lock and other keyboards keys, so that we knew their status. TrayStatus is a freeware utility that brings back the indicators to the notification area or system tray on Windows 10/8/7. It does so by displaying the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock keys and telling if they are On or Off


TrayStatus keyboard indicator

TrayStatus is very practical as it show you indicators for the often used keyboard keys as well as hard drive activity. The indications are made in the form of system tray icons, each indicator being represented by a separate system tray icon.

You can enable system tray indicators for:

  • Num Lock status
  • Caps Lock status
  • Scroll Lock status
  • Alt key status
  • Ctrl key status
  • Shift key status
  • Windows key status
  • Hard Drive activity

The program can be completely operated from the system tray and that is what makes it simple to use. The indicators are neatly designed and with proper distinctions between Enabled and Disabled states. For an example, if Num Lock is Off then the icon will be a plain ‘1’ and when Num Lock is turned On, ‘1’ will be inscribed in a green coloured square which means the Num Lock has been enabled.

The Hard drive icon is somewhat different and has the capability of indicating more than two statuses. If you hover over the hard drive icon, you will get to see Read and Write speeds in a tool tip box.

To enable or disable an indicator, go to TrayStatus settings and check the items for which you want the indicators. You can even customize the Read and Write threshold values for hard drive activity from the same TrayStatus settings.

TrayStatus keyboard indicator

TrayStatus is good for those who use the Caps Lock and suck keys often and want a visible way on the screen, to know whether they are On or Off. If your keyboard lacks such features or your laptop doesn’t come with an built-in hard drive indicator light then this tool too is something that will interest you.

Click here to download TrayStatus.

7Caps is another free Num Lock and Caps Lock indicator software you may want to take a look at.

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