Best Tor alternatives for anonymous browsing

In the unreliable world of the internet, online privacy is a major concern these days where users are constantly dependent on the internet. The internet is so vulnerable to security attacks that, it is easy to track one’s identity including the physical location and other online activities of a user like what sites you visit, online passwords, etc. The online intruders, ISPs, government corporations and hackers can easily monitor your online activity and access your other personal information without your notice.

Protecting your online identity is very important, and Tor is a brilliant way to keep your online data private. Tor also called as Onion Router allows users to browse the internet anonymously with its main motto as protecting the online privacy. Tor basically conceals your identity by encrypting your network traffic and passes the encrypted traffic to the series of Tor servers and relays. The intruder monitoring your traffic would see it coming from the random node to mislead the intruders so that it is difficult for them to trace back to your location and thus protecting your identity.

Surfing anonymously is used on several occasions, like, when you want to safeguard business-related information, or if you want to access the contents that are geo-restricted and so on. However, passing data traffic over thousands of relays in a distributed network reduces your speed of bandwidth and efficiency. Thankfully, there are other alternatives to Tor that offer a safe browsing experience while not allowing intruders to trace back to your location during online activity. In this article, we round up some of the best Tor alternatives for a safe, and, anonymous browsing experience.

Tor browser alternatives


Tor browser alternatives

I2P uses Dark Net technology for anonymous surfing. It provides secure communication by offering end to end encryption and makes use of four layers of encryption for reliable communication. This is completely an open source tool which uses cryptographic identifiers like public and private keys for anonymizing the messages and encrypting the network traffic. I2P creates a network layer inside the TCP/IP and UDP sessions, and, is an ideal alternative to the Tor browser.


FreeNet also uses OpenNet and Dark Net Technology to anonymously surf the internet, share the files and also chat on forums. It is difficult for the intruders to analyze the network traffic, as, FreeNet is decentralized and uses end to end encryption to route the data over a series of FreeNet nodes. FreeNet makes it difficult for hackers to trace the user’s location as the network traffic is encrypted before reaching the servers. Additionally, the FreeNet software is so secured that, it is impossible for even the volunteers who maintain the FreeNet to gain access to the user’s personal information and trace back their location. This free software serves as the best Tor alternative where users can safely connect to the global network.


Disconnect is yet another useful alternative to Tor which offers safe surfing with faster internet. Disconnects safeguard your personal information and IP address by completely disconnecting the user from the sites which are tracking the user’s personal information and location. Disconnect monitors for the sites which are tracking the network data and completely blocks it as part of keeping the user’s data private. The Disconnect is available for users in Basic, Pro and premium services. Basic service is free, and users are entitled to get a full protection for a single browser. Pro service offers full protection to your entire device and provides better performance with 44 % faster internet. Premium service offers full protection to your device as well as secure your WiFi.


Whonix is based on Tor that offers a distributed network relays to protect against trackers and hackers. The connections are isolated which conceals IP address and prevents DNS leaks. It is compatible with all the major operating systems like Windows, Linux, OSX, and Qubes. Whonix OS is designed to run inside VM and is paired with Tor. It used two unique network called Whonix-Gateway which runs on Tor ad Whonix WorkStation that runs on an isolated private network.

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is the product of a Russian giant Yandex. It serves as the best alternative to Tor which can be used for Safe surfing. It guarantees to provide full protection from DNS spoofs, along with scanning websites and files for malware, viruses and other hackers. The browser is completely free, and it is compatible with all the major OS like Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

Comodo Ice Dragon

Comodo Ice Dragon is based on Firefox and can be used as a replacement for Tor in order to have a secure browsing experience with faster internet speed. It is easy to use a browser that scans all the web pages for malware and viruses. It makes use of integrated DNS service and is fully compatible with Firefox extensions and plugins.

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