DarkNet or DeepNet: What is it and How to access it?


  1. @Jim – What makes you associate this article about the non-indexed parts of the internet with “criminal activity”?

  2. Additional suggestions/references for obtaining/maintaining anonymity and staying off the grid? Not interested in criminal activity; however, it seems we’re not too far from everything requiring a retinal scan.

  3. If you are not going to do any download, you can use proxies like UltraSurf or something. Downloads may give away the real IP in some cases.

  4. you do know csis fbi cia dea us canadian goverments use torn to track and hack into peoples facebooks use satalites to spy on us so i guess they are criminals also..

  5. Can you clarify how a download would give away your IP? Let’s say, hypothetically, Joe Blow downloads a copyrighted movie and plays it in vlc. Is that the type of download you mean, or do you mean an EXE? Obviously if you run an EXE it can take full control of your system.

  6. It doesn’t matter if he plays it on vlc or his granny’s gramophone. once he sends a packet, the website tracks/records his IP immediately.Yes, that’s true in the case of windows, but if you’re running a linux pc then you needn’t worry because EXE files do not work in linux.

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