With a failed attempt to use the Graphics rendering capabilities of a computer, is made by a program, Windows 10 might throw a Blue Screen error saying THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER. The Stop Code for this Blue Screen error is 0x000000EA and it could be caused due to a bad video card or a bad display driver.



We will be carrying out the following fixes which hopefully will resolve the issue:

  1. Rollback or Update the Graphics drivers.
  2. Check the Graphics Card manually.

1] Rollback or Disable the device drivers

You need to either update or rollback the driver. If you just updated the Graphics driver, and the issue started after that you need to rollback the driver. If you did not, then maybe updating this device driver to its latest version will help.

You can do so by booting into Safe Mode or Advanced Startup Options.

2] Check the Graphics Card hardware manually

You can also try cleaning the dust off the components like the Graphics Card of the computer. I would recommend using a small blower or rubbing the components with a soft cloth. Make sure that you do not damage any parts with moisture or cause harm to any circuits while carrying out this task. Check if it is not already damaged physically.

Make sure that you do this very carefully. Because even a slight bruise can cause your computer to stop working and may cause you financial expenses. If you are not confident, you can ask a qualified technician to do this for you.

Hope that helps!

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