Fix: The Diagnostics Policy Service Is Not Running In Windows 10/8/7

If Networking is not working properly on your system running Windows 10//8/7 then this post will show you how to troubleshoot the problem. If you’re facing the issue of losing signal strength, the you need to first use the built-in Network Troubleshooter. You can find this troubleshooter in following manner:

1. Press Windows Key + Q, type troubleshooting and pick the same from search results.

2. Next click View all in the window so open which will take you to the All Categories option.

3. Next, look for the Network Adapter option here to open network troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions to perform troubleshooting, at last you may came around following result.


As you can see in the image above, the troubleshooting report says The Diagnostics Policy Service is not running and the troubleshooter was unable to fix this, although it has detected it.

So in order to fix network issues due to this error, you can try following steps:

The Diagnostics Policy Service Is Not Running

1. Open the administrative Command Prompt.

2. Type following commands one by one and press Enter key after each command:

net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
net localgroup Administrators /add localservice

The Diagnostics Policy Service Is Not Running

3. After executing both the commands, you’ll got The command completed successfully message. Close the Command Prompt window and reboot the machine, retry to connect the networks which are throwing trouble previously, this time you won’t face any issue.

Let us know if it worked for you.

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