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Open Unknown File Types in Windows

How to open unknown File Type in Windows 10

File extensions are the characters that precede the last period of a file name. It helps us find the type of a file we are trying to open i.e. whether it is an audio file, video file or simply a […]

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Set or Change File Associations & Extensions in Windows 10

Each file in your Windows operating system has an extension in its filename, eg. .txt, .doc, etc. These extensions are used to identify the program, with which, windows can open this file. You can set or change these file associations in […]

Configure, export, import App File Associations in Windows 10

We have seen how we can set or change File Associations & Extensions in Windows via the Control Panel Default Programs applet. Windows 10/8.1/8 also allow you to configure these File Associations via Settings. For those who may not know, […]

broken EXE file association

Fix broken EXE file association in Windows 10

You might encounter a situation where you may not be able to open any .exe files or shortcut link files, i.e., EXE or LNK files. You might instead get a “Open with” dialog box, or it may open the file […]

File Association Fixer for Windows

File Association Fixer v2 for Windows 10

If you find that you cannot open a particular file type, then our File Association Fixer v2 for Windows 10/8/7 will be able to easily help you fix, repair and restore the broken file associations. Broken file associations, are typically […]

Unable to change Default Program Extension on Windows 10

Today, I’m going to show you a way out, if you ever face a situation, where you cannot or are unable to change the default program extension in Windows 10/8/7. I was helping out a client of mine. His operating system had somehow […]

How to remove File Type associations in Windows OS

Windows OS does not provide a GUI to unassociate or dissociate file type extensions. But if you need to remove file associations, you can do so using this portable utility called Unassociate File Types. Remove File Type associations Download […]

Default Programs Editor for Windows PC

Default Programs Editor is a powerful but simple file association utility for Windows 10/8/7/Vista. It is a context menu editor, an autoplay editor, and a default programs association editor. Default Programs Editor for Windows PC This free software, makes it […]