Sync Windows settings and make all your devices use the same settings


  1. I just bought a laptop recently with windows 10. Someone else set it up for me with the same email address I use to login to my current Windows 8 computer but none of the settings have synchronized from my Windows 8 laptop. I am very frustrated and have tried to change different settings with no luck. Any advice?

  2. Windows 10 will not receive what was synced in Windows 8.1/8/7. You will have to do it manually.
    Also, the apps in Windows 10 will not be synced so you may want to make a disk image after installing all your apps. The only things synced are Edge and IE favorites and history. I agree that it is frustrating to have to tweak all settings manually.

  3. Wow, what a powerful tool. We have a software company and have a customer that wants me to also supply pre-configured computers. Is this the fastest way to configure: numbers lock ON at start up, disable lock screen, enable log on w/o password, boot to desktop etc on multiple computers? If I install .NET 3.5 and my software, will it automatically install on all? Will those settings stay if I then convert to a local account (to make it impossible for a user to inadvertently change settings for other computers)?

  4. I have a desktop and a laptop, both 8.1. I hadn’t used the laptop in a while. I have set the sync function as described, but they’re both still different. I’ve used the sync setting in the past, and it worked. I turned it off to try WIndows 10 on my desktop, but I didn’t care for it so I restored 8.1 Is this why the sync won’t work now?

  5. Windows 10 is junk
    I rather use Windows 7 SP1 Pro or Ultimate not Home Premium I love Windows 8.1 core however its annoying because my device setup menu when you install to copy settings is tricky I rather not deal with that part Windows 8.1 otherwise is wonderful no problems what so ever

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