1. Franco Rescaldani

    io ho windows professional sul note non credo che faccia al mio caso e/o NO???

  2. June Clemena

    hi! please help me on this.. I have windows. 8.1 and with a signed in name microsoft account of my friend’s pc laptap this is her account in order to open and start her windows. The problem is when I open the mail app on this pc my personal hotmail email account is showing all this. I don’t wanted my personal emails show on this pc. Is there anything I can do to not show my personal email account on her windows 8.1 since this is not my pc? Please help

  3. lidivaskey

    Need help! I just bought a laptop recently with windows 10. Someone else set it up
    for me with the same email address I use to login to my current Windows 8
    computer but none of the settings have synchronized from my Windows 8
    laptop. I am very frustrated and have tried to change different
    settings with no luck.

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