Stop Windows 10 from reopening programs after restart


  1. Just uncheck “Use my sign in info to automatically finish setting up my device after an update or restart” under sign-in options. No need to fuss with batch files.

  2. I agree. No one asked for this feature and it’s a huge pain. Shutdown used to be a way to get a “clean start”. Now it reopens all the garbage I had open before… totally unacceptable. Whomever came up with this feature should be publicly scorned.

  3. Horrible, simply horrible. If there were ever a reason for a development team to face a firing squad, it’s “features” like restarting programs open at shutdown to automatically open upon boot-up.

  4. ARSO… What an appropriate name for a truly pointless feature.

    I suspect the reality if that this is Microsoft’s desperate attempt to patch over the fact their OS is so unstable it forces a reboot every few weeks for patching.

    I’ve got linux servers with uptime measured in years.

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