Something bad happened, Unknown layout specified in manifest Windows Store error


  1. This didn’t work for me. The only reliable fix I found is: reset Windows and run the Account troubleshooter (yes, the Account troubleshooter, not the Store troubleshooter), to repair any Windows issue preventing the sync with the Microsoft account. After that, I waited until all the setup processes ended, and the automatic updates of all Modern apps began.

    Why? The Store version packaged with 16299.15 is useless. We need to force an update.

  2. Adding “Japanese” as a language and switching to that made the store come up. Then I switched back to “United States” and it continued to work. (this is with build 17017).

  3. With all the changing of regions I am concerned that my account will get locked out by the usual know it all security team.
    Then I have to give them my number and what not to verify and I hate going through this hassle.

    Also, dude….
    When are you going to update the 10AppsManager
    I love the program but last I checked it was way out of date, since before the creators update.

    Just installed the new RS3 and as usual, nothing I noticed fixed other than apps.
    Nothing new on the operating system itself.
    Blue Tooth still sucks

    What really bothers me about Microsoft is their credo seems to be LIVE WITH IT because you’ve got no choice if you want to play Fallout 4.

  4. I’ve been having the same concerns as of today, I just changed the region to United States then Poof!!! Problem SOlved!

  5. I’ve been having the same concerns today, what I did was change the Region to United States then poof! Problem Solved!

  6. I meant exactly that. There is an Account troubleshooting wizard in the Windows’ Control Panel. I ran that.

  7. I tried all of the above suggestions, then tried them again whilst standing on one leg just in case, still getting the ‘unknown layout specified in manifest’ i have also tried switching regions but with no success. so i have come to the conclusion after all this that there cannot be any app within this store that is worth this much trouble to access and have therefore given up on it entirely and have disabled it.
    i have to say that i am fairly disappointed with Microsoft at the moment as i purchased an i7 16gb surface book and i have to say in all honesty it really doesn’t perform that well (especially vs cost) and as for windows 10, i’m either getting old or this platform really is crap!

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