Skype for Windows 10 is not working or making voice and video calls

OK, so your Skype for Windows 10 is no longer working or making calls, and you’re losing your mind. What could be the issue behind this latest problem despite evidence of the app working a few days ago? Many folks have come across these problems since the launch of Skype for Windows 10, an even to this day. In my personal opinion, it’s still not comparable to the regular version of Skype, but the gap is closing.

Skype for Windows 10 is not working

Now, if you’re having call issues, then chances are you’ll be experiencing the following symptoms.

Everything is connected, status is “Available,” both microphone and camera are working, yet, it’s impossible to make voice an video calls. Furthermore, despite appearing to others online, whenever they call, you’re just not receiving it.

1] Check Microphone & camera permissions

Check if the privacy settings are as they should be. Open the Start Menu, select Settings > Privacy. Go to Microphone and enable “Let apps use my Microphone,” then go to Camera and enable “Let apps use my camera hardware.”

2] Reset Skype app

We’re going to reset Skype for Windows 10, so fire up the Start Menu and click on Settings. Click on Apps, then locate Skype and click on it from the list of applications. Select Advanced option then click on Reset to return things to factory settings.

3] Check Windows Defender firewall settings

Additionally, you can check if Skype is allowed through the Windows Defender firewall. Do this by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender. Click on the option that says “Open Windows Defender Security Center” and navigates to “Firewall & network protection.”

Scroll down to “Allow an app through firewall” and set Skype as an allowed app if this hasn’t been done already.

4] Reinstall Skype app for Windows 10

Uninstall and reinstall Skype for Windows 10. Fire up the Start Menu, open Settings > Apps and search for the Skype app. Right-click on the app and select Uninstall.

Now, reinstall Skype for Windows 10 by launching the Microsoft Store, search for it, and download it again.

Once you’re done, restart your computer, then launch Skype for Windows 10 again. Everything should be working just fine now, but if for some reasons things are still not working as it should, then we’d have to recommend switching to the Desktop version of Skype.

Furthermore, you could check out some alternatives to Skype if you’re overly fed up with the issues you’re experiencing at this time. The alternatives are great, but they might not have a large userbase.

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