How to setup, configure, use Parental Controls in Windows 7

With Parental Controls in Windows 7 you can manage how your children use the computer. You can time limit their PC usage and control all types of games they play and programs they use on their computer. 

This feature will surely gives you some relief that your child computer habits are somehow in your control. When your child try to play a game or run a program that will be blocked by you using Parental Controls, a notification is displayed, that the program has been blocked. Your child can click a link in the notification to request permission for access to that game or program. You can allow access by entering your account information.

To set up Parental Controls, You must have rights to use the administrator user account. Parental Controls can be applied only to standard user accounts. So make sure your child’s account does not have administrator privileges

To turn on Parental Controls for a standard user account:

1. Go to Control Panel and click on Parental Controls to open it.
Parental controls in Windows 7
2. Click the standard user account that you want to set Parental Controls for. To create a new Standard User Account, click Create a new user account and set up a new account.
Parental controls in Windows 7
3. Under Parental Controls, click On, enforce current settings.
4. Once you’ve turned on Parental Controls for your child’s standard user account, you can adjust the following individual settings and blocks the following content:
  • Time limits: You can set time limits to control when children are allowed to log on to the computer. Time limits prevent children from logging on during the specified hours. You can set different logon hours for every day of the week. If they’re logged on when their allotted time ends, they’ll be automatically logged off. This will really helps you if your child use computer continuously for longer time period.
Parental controls in Windows 7
  • Games: You can control access to games, choose an age-rating level, choose the types of content you want to block, and decide whether you want to allow or block unrated or specific games.
Parental controls in Windows 7
  • Allow or block specific programs: You can prevent children from running programs that you don’t want them to run.
Parental controls in Windows 7

So with Parental Controls you can controls your Child activities and how he/she uses the computer.

Stay tuned, in my next article I will tell you about how to install advanced features such as Web filtering, activity reports, etc. using Parental Controls.

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