How to track and monitor activities using Windows Family Safety

In my earlier post I told aboutĀ How to set up and configure Parental Controls in Windows 7. Now I will tell you how to add extra Parental Controls to track activities and monitor web activities of your kids. In addition to the basic controls that Parental Control provides, you can install additional parental control filters from other service providers. By other service providers, I mean Windows Live Family Safety filters, Kaspersky Web Traffic filters, etc.

To add them to Parental Controls, you must first download and install the additional controls. In this tutorial, as an example, I will consider the Windows Live Family Safety 2011 filters which you can download for free fromĀ here. With it, you can choose websites, games, and programs your children can access. You can even set time periods when they can use the computer.

To add these additional Parental Controls:

1. Download the additional controls from the link I provided above.

Windows live family safety

2. Wait till the Windows Live Family Safety controls gets installed.

Windows live family safety
3. Now go to Control Panel and open Parental Controls.
4. Under Additional controls, select the provider for the controls you want to add in the Select a provider box. (If there is no Select a provider box, you still need to install the additional controls).
Windows live family safety
5. Click the user account that you want to add the additional controls to. It will prompt you to sign in with your Linked Windows Live ID, which you have Linked with your administrator Windows User account.
Windows live family saftey
6. A setup screen appears for the additional controls, select the standard user account, click Save and follow the instructions on the screen.
Windows live family saftey
7. Now the Web filtering is activated for the standard user account.
Windows live family saftey
8. To change preferences, click on the standard user account and it will redirect you to your Windows Live Family Safety website account, from where you can edit the preferences.
Windows live family saftey
If you’ve installed additional controls that don’t appear in Parental Controls, check with the respective filter or service provider. These services from Microsoft viz. Windows Live Family Safety 2011 filters are totally free of cost, you don’t have to pay a single penny for using them!
Go here to learn how to set up Family Safety in Windows 8.
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