Set up your Windows 10 computer to send and receive Fax


  1. I need to reconfigure the modem to delete dial 9 for outside line and I can’t find how to do it.

  2. Issues:

    (1) The AT command set and the COM port:

    The SupraMAX PCI modem I had on my Windows XP 32 bit Professional system would let me dial voice phone numbers just by using the AT command set and a little software to send the AT commands to logical serial port COM 3.

    Trying that modem in my new Windows 7 64 bit Professional system, e.g., with the Windows Fax and Scan software, the option FAX, and the option NEW FAX, just causes Windows 7 to fail, put up a screen of just text, do a core dump, and reboot.

    I want the modem for FAX, e.g., sending letters to Congress, but even more for easing dialing phone numbers.

    But I can’t find any documentation on FAX modems that mention COM ports and only a few that mention the AT command set.

    (2) It is not clear what modems are Plug n Play devices, will be automatically recognized by Windows 7, need device drivers Windows 7 doesn’t already have, etc.

    These issues, Plug n Play, device drivers, COM ports, are all massively lacking clear documentation. Looks like I would have to order a dozen products, spend half a day mud wrestling, with poor documentation, with each, throwing efforts against the wall to see what sticks, and then returning all or all but one of the dozen modems, Could spend a week doing that,

    (3) Windows 7 has given me a message that any device drivers must be good for 64 bir computing.

    So far I can’t find any FAX modem products that say ANYTHING about 64 bit computing.

    Documentation, Information. I’m REALLY short on documentation and information. Did I mention documentation? I need good documentation, It’s about documentation. As it is, the modems are just WORTHLESS without documentation, We need documentation.

    In case I’m not clear enough, the modems are worthless without documentation,

    Did I mention documentation?

    Where is the documentation?

    These modem products are being sold with the understanding that they won’t work on 64 bit Windows 7 and later and will be just thrown away? Is that the scam?

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