How to Restrict or set Time Limit for User Account in Windows 10/8/7


  1. CMD>run as admin> , then i just copy the syntax, net user test /time:M-F,08:00-17:00 and it says The Command Completed Successfully, i log-out my Admin account then choose to log in the “test” account, it just logged-in straight, the time restriction didn’t work, the local account has a password also, what seems to be the problem here? did i missed something? i am testing it on windows7pro 64bit. TIA!

  2. What if the user is already logged before her restriction ends? If she’s logged in at 930 pm, How do i get the PC to shut off at 10pm?

  3. Good post, thanks!
    But if your child has local account in Windows 10 – internal parental control does not work.
    Why? Why? Why?
    I don’t want to use others parental controls, eg Time Boss, Net Nanny or others…

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