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Sending large file attachments through email is often problematic as most of the commonly used email servers refuse to accept emails attachments, usually over 10 MB in size. While Yahoo and Gmail limits the attachment size to 20MB and 25MB but it works only if you are sending it to Yahoo or Gmail users. As soon as the email leaves Yahoo or Gmail servers, the receiving email server rejects the attachments over the size of 10 MB. Also if you want to send a video file of a complete photo album the email won’t go through. Every Email service has its own size limits, but most of them are configured to not accept more than 10MB of attachments.

Send large files online free fast

Fortunately, there are many free services which let you work around these restrictions. For example, WireOver lets you transfer large files to your email contacts with no limitation on the size of the files to send. It is a private P2P program with no central storage which helps you to send Terabytes of data to your contacts.

WireOver is a simple and fast desktop application which helps you to send and receiving files. You can transmit the files of any size and the end-to-end encryption feature ensure a secure transfer. End-to-end encryption is the best security feature one can have. It ensures that only your recipient can access the files you send. A unique and temporary encryption key is used for each files transfer.

WireOver works on Windows, Mac and Linus and you can transfer files over your local network as well as Internet. The freeware also comes with an option of auto-resume i.e. if your internet connection breaks the transfer resumes automatically.

WireOver review

After downloading and installing WireOver on to your Windows PC, you need to register your email address. The program then sends you an email with email confirmation link. To send the files, you can either select the files manually or use the drag and drop method.Send large files online free fast

To send the files manually; select the files-Right click->Select WireOver in Windows shell menu-> Enter recipient email address. I used the drag-n-drop method.WireOver

To try the freeware I first sent a few files of 137MB from my Gmail ID to the Hotmail ID. Immediately after I entered the recipient’s email address, I got a notification in my Hotmail account. I got a choice to accept or decline the file attachment. wireover 9

As soon as I clicked on ‘Accept’ button the files started downloading on my PC. The transfer speed depends on the internet connection and lucky my ISP provide a good enough speed so I got all 137MB downloaded in just a few seconds. Just after a few seconds of download I received the delivery report in my Gmail ID


Furthermore, the program also allows you to add a personal message with the files you are sending via WireOver. One obvious point to note here is that the recipient won’t be able to receive the files unless he/she is having WireOver receiver on his/her system.

The ‘Downloads’ folder in your ‘C’ drive is the default download location of the program but you can always select the downloads folder for the files you receive via WireOver-

Click on the tray icon of WireOver->Go to ‘Settings’->Change the folder.WireOver download

As we know every good thing comes with some flaws; I would like the developers to change a few things about WireOver. For example-

  • The data encryption feature is available only for paid (upgraded) version.
  • The notification email in recipient’s inbox should include the details like file type, extension and size of the file.

Overall WireOver is a wonderful utility, and I would strongly recommend it to my readers. I work online and ‘WireOver’ is a fabulous tool which help me to send big files to my clients. This tool moreover be very useful for personnel like web developers, graphic designers and video-professionals who often need to transmit big files via email.

WireOver free download

Download it here and let us know if you like it.

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  1. Justin Hawley

    Could you do a review on It’s probably the easiest way to send large files online. It allows up to 4GB files, and doesn’t require an account. Links only last 3 days, but it’s a great utility!

  2. Jakub Havlí?ek

    You should also try MyAirBridge ( Totally for free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB!

  3. Vince Thor

    Do check out “Just Beam It” (, Links Created by Users to share, do Expire after one Download, the only downside I find with “Just Beam It”, does asks for Multiple File Uploads & Downloads by creating a Zip, this never really works for me, I have to upload & download one File at one time, so, there are multiple expirable links created & Large Data can never be sent.

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