Attachment Size Limits for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook and WhatsApp


  1. Nice article and it will help people understand the frustrations of sending large attachments.

    Though with the Microsoft Outlook Desktop client, you can increase the attachment sending size up to unlimited, but this also depends on the service you are using as well as the limits set by your ISP, but if you host your own email, then you can send any file size, but again, if the receive limit is set by a service or provider (like gmail), it will bounce.

    Set the limit in Outlook:

    Navigate in Regedit to the following location.

    Value name: MaximumAttachmentSize
    Value type: REG_DWORD

    The value that you need to use is in KB. So if you know the amount of MB supported by your ISP, then you need to multiply that by 1024 to get the value that you need to enter. To allow for an unlimited size, you can set the value to 0.

    2MB-> 2048
    5MB-> 5120
    10MB-> 10240
    50MB-> 51200

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