Save PowerPoint Presentation Slides As High Resolutions Images

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  1. yeahhh, Nice Article very Working…

  2. ^^ Glad you find it useful 🙂

  3. Matt J

    Good grief, Microsoft! I first learned this trick about 10 years ago, and you’re still forcing users into this hopeless workaround rather than making this choice available through PowerPoint preferences. When will you focus on fixing the things in Office which are broken and frustrating rather than adding layers of spurious functionality that very few people really need?

  4. OpticDisc

    Wow… This is pretty sad. You would think that someone at Microsoft would go “Maybe people would like an EASY way to export slides as 1920×1080 to fit those HD Televisions” Not everyone wants to take the time to hack a registry to do something that should be as simple as entering two numbers in a dialog box.

  5. David

    Playing around with Office 2010. A value of 192 for a widescreen presentation gives you exactly 1920×1080 for Full HD.

  6. Lauren

    Thank you! This worked beautifully!

  7. ^^ Glad it help! 🙂

  8. Worked fine for me for Office 2003 SP3 🙂
    Thx a lot

  9. Levent

    It didnot work in office 2010 student version at win7 home basic. the jpeg resolution is 78dpi both after and before registry modification.

  10. mjgraves

    The idiocy of this is that dpi is not a valid measure in this kind of activity. DPI is relative measure that should only be used in print. Anything that appears on-screen should be measured in absolute dimensions…that is the pixel resolution of the image.

  11. Eve-Anne Grynsztajn

    I am stuck in the Registry Edito, at “Power Point”, there is no “Option” option to choose….

  12. Niels

    Thanks. Regedt32.exe = regedit in my windows 8.
    I agree that this function should be standard in Powerpoint options. I do not use it for saving slides as image to present but to create nice images, logo’s, badges etc. I crop them afterwards in another tool. Powerpoint does have very nice features to build.

  13. KaitWill

    get all the way to options and there’s no Exportbitmapresolution or anything of the sort. using office 2010 pro

  14. The one place where Mac:Office 2011 beats Windows. There’s an option to save a slide deck as pictures, and you can select the pixel width and height before clicking OK.

  15. Ma?ro Zírie

    This! Thank you for this article. Shame on Microsoft for making this so difficult.

  16. Fred

    I found the folder under
    but no setting for the export resolution 🙁

  17. Aggeliki Barberopoulou

    This was the same for me… What a lame program


    thanks for this…very helpful and effective

  19. Alistair Mackay

    Well said!

  20. Nathan Reynolds

    This no longer works with Office 2016 but it’s even better/easier now because you can do it directly in the Options/Advanced Settings for PowerPoint by selecting from a drop/down menu.

  21. Parziphal

    In Office 2013, 144 outputs full HD.

  22. Parziphal

    Set 144 (in Office 2013) to get full HD. Play with the numbers: if 100 = 1333px width, then 144 would be 1919.52 (which is rounded to 1920).

  23. Mika

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice16.0PowerPointOptions. It works fine O365, key must be made by myself.

  24. SquidMcFishfish

    Sadly they don’t have enough power users to force these changes. Most people who buy office products will never export a slide.

  25. Ryan Strope

    I know this is old but WHY are you messing with the registry? Just click on the “Tools” option to the left of the Save Button then Select “Compress Images…” and you get a Dialog Box with the options to change the resolution of the images. I’m pretty sure this has been around for EVER though my only recent experience is with 2010 and 2016/365. PP 2010 allowed up to 220 PPI, PP 2016/365 allows up to the original image resolution (High Fidelity) including 330 PPI which is basically HD.

    Also to point out the number controls PIXELS Per Inch NOT Dots Per Inch The first measures the resolution of the printed image the second the resolution of the image on the screen.

  26. Bill

    “Compress Images…” affects the saved size of bitmap images within the presentation, and is used to optimize filesize of the PPT/X. It does not affect the size of exported bitmap images of entire slides/presentations, which is what this article covers.

  27. Elena

    No matter what Microsoft thinks (regarding below discussion), but this article is very helpful! Thanks!!!

  28. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!!

  29. Ashish

    It is really helpful. I changed Decimal Value to 600. I got very high quality Image from Power Point. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

  30. Bob Barker

    I know this is old, but this is exactly what I needed to know. By the way for those interested, the MAC version of office has this setting native and easy to click on in the program itself…. Way to go Microsoft, your apple designers figured this was necessary while your primary PC designers didn’t?!?!

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