RetroShare, a whole new way to communicate & share with your friends

RetroShare is a free P2P networking utility which lets you create a network between your friends, colleagues or even family members. On this network, you can share files and communicate with your friends anonymously. You can chat between your friends or you can send them messages. Built on GPG platform, RetroShare allows you to create a friend-to-friend network, that allows you to chat, email, or share your files. You can create your own network and impress your friends by adding them to your network.

RetroShare for Windows

RetroShare creates direct SSL secured connections with all the members of your network. This guarantees the best protection and it makes sure that your conversations are private and cannot be spied on. The decentralizing features makes sure that there is no server or a single member that has access to the data.

The software has a long list of features. Here we’ve discussed some of the top features of this networking utility:

  • Decentralized: Decentralized means that there are no servers created, all the files are locally stored and one single person doesn’t have access to all the files shared across a network.
  • Download Manager: Inbuilt download manager allows you to download or upload multiple files across your network.
  • Messages: You can send messages with all the formatting functions to any member of your network.
  • Forums: If your network is well populated, you can create forums so that you can have discussions on different topics.
  • Channels: Channels are like blogs. You can also have your own channels in your network where you can post/announce something.
  • VOIP: With this software, you can also have a voice call with all the members of your network. This feature is very useful for business enterprises or small teams working on the same project.
  • Messaging: RetroShare comes with an inbuilt messenger, which allows you to instantly chat between your friends, you can also have a group chat with this feature.
  • Security: It is completely secure. It uses GnuPG Authentication and Open SSL encryption for the best security.
  • Plugins: RetroShare has a list of plugins that allows you to customize the software to some extent and make the software more efficient and productive.
  • User Interface: The user interface of the program is just amazing. With all these features, RetroShare is easy to use. It also integrates well in the system tray.

RetroShare is a great way to create a customized person-to-person network, in which all your data is completely secured and can’t be spied upon at all. This software is useful for business enterprises, small teams working on the same project, a group of people who want an extra ordinary network between them. The security and the outstanding features of this software will make you say “Wow! Networking”

Click here to download RetroShare.

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