Chrome offers to Reset browser settings if it detects a Browser Hijack

Google Chrome browser gets a new update. If it finds that your browser settings have been hijacked, it will offer to reset your entire browser settings.

Reset Chrome Prompt

Let us see how this feature works. Let us say you download a software from some download site which may offer installers or lets simply say the downloaded software itself changes your Chrome default search or home page settings without your knowledge.

If Chrome detects such unauthorised changes, it will promptly offer to reset the altered browser settings.

When you use this Reset Chrome option, it will disable any extensions, apps, themes you may have installed. If you’d like to reactivate any of your extensions after the reset, you can find and re-enable them by looking in the Chrome menu under More tools > Extensions. Apps are automatically re-enabled the next time you use them.

When you use this option, it will reset your profile to the post-fresh-install state.

Basically the following will be done:

  1. Home page will be reset to default
  2. Search Engine will be reset to default
  3. Extensions, add-ons and themes will be disabled.
  4. New Tab Page will be reset to default
  5. Pinned tabs will be unpinned.
  6. Content settings will be reset.
  7. Cookies, cache and Site data will be deleted.

Of course, this will not help you if the malicious process again after a while hijacks your Chrome settings. If you find this happening regularly, you might want to scan your computer with your antivirus software and use one of these free toolbar removers if you suspect some toolbar may have been installed.

Browser Hijacks appear to be increasing at an alarming rate globally, and it can be a real nuisance. To protect yourself against such hijacks, you might want to consider using a free Browser Hijacker Removal Tool.

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  1. User2012

    Yeah.. THIS is how I wish chrome handled “unexpected setting changes” but no.. I restore my chrome user data from a backup (yes, which is an unexpected change to chrome), and chrome simply alerted me “We’ve detected another program changed your settings so we’ve reset the settings without your consent”. WTF.

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