Remote Mouse: Convert mobile phone into mouse and keyboard

If we want to stop a video or want to move to the next slide, which may be running on our Windows desktop, then we need to go to the desktop to do so manually. Have you ever thought of doing these tasks by just sitting at your place? Using Remote Mouse you can use your mobile phone or tablet as a set of mouse and keyboard to operate your computer. You need to install this app on your mobile and the software on your Desktop.

Remote Mouse review

There are many apps to control your computer remotely, but Remote Mouse has some additional features which makes it acceptable to  everyone. To begin using it, first you need to set it up in both, on you mobile phone as well as your computer. Here are the steps.

Set Remote Mouse in both mobile and desktop and connect them remotely

First visit your Phone’s Store to install the Remote Mouse app in your device. It supports Windows Phone, Android as well as iPhone.

Next, visit the website of Remote Mouse and install the software on your Windows PC. As of now, you can download and install it for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.  Now, open it in your computer and mobile.

In order to connect your computer and mobile, both the devices should be in the same Wi-Fi network.

Control your computer remotely through IP Address

Now, you can connect the mobile to your computer through the IP Address or QR Scan, which are shown on the desktop, once you open the Remote Mouse on your computer.

Connect Remote Mouse with IP Address

Enter that IP Address or QR Scan Code and your mobile and computer got connected.

These are the 3 simple steps to set it up and connect mobile and computer. Now, everything is ready and you will be able to control your computer remotely, using the mobile or tablet, as mouse and keyboard.

Convert mobile phone or tablet into mouse and keyboard

There are many features in Remote Mouse. Apart from using it as mouse and keyboard, you can control playing videos, presentations and many more. We will look at them individually.

1] Using your mobile as mouse

After connecting your mobile with your computer remotely, you can use it as mouse by just tapping on the screen. There are some gestures to be followed to use left click, right click, scroll and drag. Here they are,

Left click = Single tap on the screen.

Right Click = Tap the screen with both the fingers.

Scroll = Move two fingers on the screen up and down to perform scroll from top to bottom.

Remote Mouse

You can even get the buttons and scroll which you see on the mouse on your mobile screen, by just enabling the Mouse option in Panels section which can be accessed through menu.

2] Using your mobile as Keyboard

Just tap on the keyboard icon and start typing it. You can see the text on mobile screen and computer. If you do not want the text to be displayed on the mobile screen, then you can toggle the Show Input Text option in Settings.

Use mobile as keyboard with Remote Mouse

3] Open Applications of your desktop through mobile

Remote Mouse also provides you the feature of accessing applications present in computer. Just tap on the respective icon and it lists down all the applications available in your computer. You can open Notepad, word document, audio/video player, folders and many more.

Use Remote Mouse to access system applications

4] Shutdown or hibernate your PC through mobile

You can even Shutdown, Restart, Logoff your Windows PC through your mobile using Remote Mouse. You can even put your PC in sleep mode and controls are displayed by tapping the power icon in the Remote Mouse app.

Shut down PC from mobile using Remote Mouse

All these feature are of free of cost for both Android and iPhone users. If you want to use Spotify Remote, Media Control and Functional keyboard you need to pay separately for each of them.

5] Panels and Settings Sections

You can use Panels and Settings Sections from the Menu to toggle some options. You can show mouse keys, hid/show input text, enabling left hand mouse and more.

6] Air Mouse Mode

You can just shake the handheld device to move the mouse cursor on the desktop screen. In order to use this Air Mouse Mode, just press and hold the button on the screen of app and sway or shake mobile to move the cursor.

Use Air Mouse Mode in Remote Mouse

7] Set up a password for connection

You can even set up a password for connecting your mobile and computer remotely. For this, right click on the Remote Mouse icon (from quick launch) on desktop and click “Preferences”. Then tap on “Settings” tab and create password.

Set password for Remote Mouse

Now the next time, when you try to connect to computer, it asks for password. This is very important from a security point of view.

These are the things which you can do with Remote Mouse. This is really a good app to turn your mobile or tablet in to mouse and keyboard. You can control your PC right from your smart mobile. It is for free of cost and it very simple to set up and use.

Visit the home page and download Remote Mouse software for Windows. Get the app for your Windows Phone from the Windows Phone Store. This tool is also available for Mac computers, Android Phones and iPhone. You will be able to get the details on its home page.

You can also control Windows with a smartphone using Unified Remote for PC.

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