Registry Live Watch will track changes in Windows Registry live

Registry Live Watch will track changes in Windows Registry live. As we often post about registry hacks to modify or change some predefined things with Windows 10, there are chances that things might go wrong or something gets messed up internally. With this, your machine might stop responding or might stop working as expected. Sometimes even some malware like a Trojan Horse or Rootkits might get Super-Admin access and modify your registry files in order to bring harm to your personal data stored on your machine. This raises a major concern among the consumers’ security while they are online or performing any operations on their machines. Today, we will take a look at freeware Registry Live Watch. While you can always use the built-in FC.exe tool to monitor changes to Registry in Windows 10/8/7, Registry Live Watch makes things easier.

Registry Live Watch for Wndows PC

Registry Live Watch for Windows PC

Registry Live Watch is a freeware standalone executable (.exe) file that will keep track of all the registry modifications. This software was last updated in 2009 which is like nine years ago but still works fine. This program can run on unsupported versions of Windows operating system for PCs like Windows XP and Windows Vista as well as on the latest Windows offering from Microsoft which is Windows 10.

As soon as you download this freeware from their website, you will get a .zip archive downloaded to your machine. After you save that archive, you will find two files inside that archive. You can refer to the README.txt file for every small detail on instructions about the software. The second file will be the executable (.exe) file that will enable you to launch the standalone software.

As you can see in the image above, it offers a ton of customizations and filters which help you to keep track on smallest little things that matter to you or that require attention.

Track changes in Windows Registry live

Registry Live Watch also monitors all the major root keys, DWORDs, etc. like Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and more. You mainly have to focus on:

  • Modify whatever you wish to monitor or keep an eye on.
  • Or define any action.

Diving deep, you have to first select the Root Key and then write or paste the whole path into the text box titled as Key. After that, you have to select where you want to monitor for changes on like All components, Keys, Values or Security under the heading of Wach for changes on.

Now, when any change is detected, you have to define an action over there. You can ask it to do nothing and just write it in the log which can be accessed by you later. Or you can make it pop up a message which will notify you immediately if any registry modifications are taking place in the background. You can also execute a program. This will be useful in scenarios where an exploit is trying to modify the registry files.

Once you have set your preferences, you can start monitoring by clicking on the green Start Monitor button.

You can download this freeware which is just about 600KB-700KB from here.

There are other tools that can help you monitor the changes in the Windows Registry; they are:

  1. LeeLu Monitors AIO System Monitor
  2. RegFromApp
  3. Registrar Registry Manager Lite.
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