RegFromApp lets you track, capture & compare registry changes made by Program

The Registry Editor is quite a sensitive part of the Windows operating system, and one should always take care when using it, as a single wrong change can crash your system. Unwanted registry changes may even hurt your user experience. At times you may even need to monitor and compare the changes made to the Registry by a program.

We have already see how to monitor registry changes using Process Monitor, RegShot, WhatChanged or the built-in fc.exe tool. Now let us see how to use RegFromApp to track, capture & compare registry key changes made by a program.

Compare registry changes made by a program

RegFromApp from Nirsoft, is a free portable software available for Windows  x64 as well as x86 machines. Once you have downloaded it, open RegFromApp.

Here, you can find almost all the programs that you have installed on your computer. Select one and hit the OK button.

Compare registry changes

Following that, whenever that selected program makes any change, it will be stored like this:

RegFromApp: monitor registry changes made by a program

RegFromApp has no complicated settings. But, you can change the Display Mode. There are two different display modes i.e. Show Last Modified Values and Show Original Values.

One thing you should keep in mind is that, if you want to monitor registry changes of a 32-bit program, you will have to download the 32-bit version of RegFromApp. For example, if you are using 64-bit version of Windows, but you have 32-bit version of Google Chrome installed. Then you will not be able to use the 64-bit tool to monitor your 32-bit Chrome.

RegFromApp free download

You can download RegFromApp from here. Although, Windows 10 is not mentioned on the official website yet, it is possible to use RegFromApp on Windows 10.

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