Recover data from inaccessible BitLocker encrypted drive using BitLocker Repair Tool


  1. ^^ Go to BitLocker Drive Encryption section in Control Panel, click on Back up recovery key link there for the drive having encryption, this will provide you the options to get your recovery key. You can also save the same to your Microsoft account.

  2. when i trying to open the drive it shows two option
    1.get the key from usb flash drive
    2. type the recovery key

  3. ^^ You don’t have to open drive, instead you have to go drive management settings for BitLocker, read previous comment once again!

  4. i didn’t find drive management settings for bit locker
    can u give the full details to me.
    i have very important data in that external hard disk.

  5. hey bro I have my drive locked by bitlocker encryprytion not completed just 4% I have password but pc hangs please help me

  6. Is there someway I can convert a .BEK file to recovery numbers format? Like 288209-513086-417508-646412-162954-590672-167552-664563

  7. this software only recovers 1 gb of data after that it requires a key if u have it canu please provide i am too much in problem i have mnay official data near about 100gb plz tell me the software and key please

  8. I don’t know how to thank this resource!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in process of recovery irreplaceable files. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. And what to do if after overinstalation I have lost my key to Hard drive + I haven’t saved it any other place. Is there any possibility to open my hard disc?

  10. Hi. A lost my files on local disk D after recovery files from USB flash driver. And changes capacity of drive to 7.47 GB, but my local D It used to be 350GB. Now how I can recover partition size and files?

  11. I had the same problem. I started to encrypt an external USB drive with bitlocker and part way through it stalled and the drive became innaccessible. I bought another drive (which incidentally has to be be BIGGER than the original not the same size or it won’t work) and began the process using the -rp option and the recovery key in the file created by bitlocker. It took forever (>18 hours for a 1TB drive) but eventually finished. I ran CHKDSK D: /f as instructed and that in turn repaired loads of errors. However, once compled the drive was still inaccesible from windows explorer. But, I could see the file structure and files from the command prompt. I tried to copy some of these files in the command prompt window to another drive and although they copied across every single one wouldn’t open claiming it was corrupt.

    Any suggestions

  12. I wish I could – but I can’t. My scenario was on a work laptop. I connected the usb drive and received a message saying “you should encrypt the drive” – so I did. It got part way through and the just stopped – never got past 10%. I tried all sorts. I bought another drive of the same size to recover onto but it refused to use it stating it needed to be “just a bit bigger”. In the end I got work to buy a 2TB drive. I then tried again but it simply refused to have it. It kept acknowledging the disk and then disconnecting it part way through recovery.
    Really miffed because I had a load of personal photos on there and all of my CD painstakingly converted to MP3.

  13. Yea my wife and I have been travelling for 6 months and our photos/videos are mostly on there.. Did you try taking it to data recovery companies? I posted on another forum and was recommended Drivesavers

    So what’s the status with your drive now?

  14. No I didn’t do anything like that. I’ve just failed basically. I have other copies of the photos so I think I was lucky.

  15. I have a problem with my external hard drive. I tried to put bitlocker password in this hard drive. USB disconnected by mistake during this time. unfortunately incomplete the encryption process. So after that when I try to open hard drive it’s asking password and if we enter the password it’s showing text “bitlocker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion”. I can’t open drive. Please help me to open this drive or give me any suggestion for solve this issue. There is a lot of files for my work. I hope you can help me for this.

  16. Kindly tell me am facing this issue on my hard drive Seagate 2tb laptop Bitlocker drive failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion

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