Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring in Windows 10/8/7

In Windows 10/8/7, we can encrypt the drives easily using BitLocker feature. Today in this article, we are introducing you with an additional technology that can be used for BitLocker feature –  Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring (MBAM). MBAM provides a simplified administrative interface that you can use to manage BitLocker drive encryption.

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring

MBAM is basically a tool for the enterprise to encrypt drives in order to safeguard data on them and monitor out the client activities. MBAM comes handy when you need to recover the key information, when users forget their PIN or password, or when their BIOS or boot record changes. This technology is helpful for the sake of enterprise owners from the economical point of view. Using it, you can manage all the computers in your network, effectively protecting the drives for the entire organization.

Here it is worth mentioning that deploying MBAM requires trained skills, otherwise as a consequence, you may disrupt all the computers if care is not taken. Therefore, you should go step by step to use this feature.

Step 1 : Firstly read all the documentation carefully about this technology and its deployment. You can download the technical documentation from this page.

Step 2 : MBAM 2.0 SP1; which is available for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager is a part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). This is available to enterprise customers through licensing agreement. You can download it from here and purchase it from here.

Step 3 : You can use Windows PowerShell to command operations on MBAM. The governing commands are mentioned here.

Step 4 : If you need to troubleshoot this tool, you can follow the instructions mentioned here.

You can employ Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring to reduce administrative overhead and total cost of ownership.

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