PotPlayer is a solid media player for the advanced user

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  1. Phate

    Tried to install on my windows 10 64bit laptop & it crashes my laptop & wont install. Will give this -10 out of 10 for this program.

  2. userforusing

    There seems to be another problem, maybe a Codec Pack or, AV software or a driver issue. I have been using Potplayer for years now, have installed it on various machines and setups and never ran into any issues. It’s one of the best players out there.

  3. Mick

    Been using it for the last year, prefer it to VLC. Very lightweight and powerful, lots of options.

  4. PotPlayer was created by the original programmer/designer of KMPlayer before he sold it and it got butchered and ruined and it really is the best player out there with some awesome skins. I use this one here: http://i.mknight.co/images/2016/01/22/2016-01-22_14-03-47.png

  5. You have something on your system that’s either conflicting or you have a malware infection. Installed PotPlayer on many Windows 10 machines with no problems at all. I suggest maybe downloading Malwarebytes and scanning your PC if you don’t already use it.

  6. Also, for remote’s, try Unified Remote https://www.unifiedremote.com/ Works with Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, PotPlayer, KMPlayer and everything else really. It’s amazing being able to control all your apps and programs from your phone or tablet.


  7. Phate

    Definitely no malware on my system

  8. You still have a problem then.

  9. sfl

    been using it for over 2 years. solid media player. prefer it over kmplayer & vlc

  10. Phate

    I have no issues at all on my system, it runs smooth as, no virus’s etc, no hardware issues. Anyway who cares there are plenty of other media players that do work on my system.

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