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You all may be aware that Microsoft is ending the support for their most successful Windows operating system i.e. Windows XP on 8th April 2014. This has forced many users to move themselves to later editions of Windows. To make things easy, Microsoft has already released PCmover Express for Windows XP Free to help migrate user data. Instead of copying your data to removable disk and then pasting the same on newly installed operating system takes a lot of time. You can use this tool, or the newly released IObit PCtransfer, which lets you do more.

PCtransfer, a portable free tool to transfer your data between various operating systems. Basically, it allows you to make a backup of data on a different location. Since it is a portable app, when you log in to different OS on the same computer (multiple boot system), you can use its Restore option to restore the backed up data to newer OS. Let’s see in detail how this works.

Portable data transfer freeware

We tested this tool on latest Windows 8.1; 64-bit iteration of Windows and it worked like a charm. You simply need to download the application and click on its executable file so downloaded; after accepting UAC permissions, you get into following window:


As you can see in the above window, you have the options to backup chats and emails along with your user folder data and Office documents. The backup can be done to a different drive or you can use a USB or DVD too. When you have finalized what you have to backup and what not; simply click Backup and wait until you got Backup succeeded message.


In order to checkout the backup contents, you can manually go to the location you’ve specified for the same. You’ll find a folder named PCtransfer at the backup location inside which your data is stored in a unique folder. Here the tool did a smart move, you’ll find the PCtranser application too inside the folder, so you can simply run it from there as well.


Now let’s see, how to restore. Log into the operating system, where you want to restore the data. Open the application from the folder where you made the backup; click Restore and you’ll see following the window. Click Restore.


Reconfirm to restore in the prompt so appears and backup wizard will start restoring your data:


When everything is finished successfully, you’ll be notified:


So in the nutshell, the tool proved to be very simple and easy to use as far as average Windows users are concerned. We all love to backup our data and the tools likeĀ PCtransfer make the process much simplified.

PCtransfer free download

You can get PCtransfer from here. Let us know if it worked for you.

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  1. Terry Sorensen

    PC Transfer is long gone

  2. It is still available at its home page link mentioned in the post.

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