Oxynger KeyShield Anti-Keylogger security software for Windows PC


  1. SpyShelter is the best anti-keylogger, it offers much more and encrypts keystrokes of ALL applications.

  2. SpyShelter is not freeware, which is what this site is about, if I am not mistaken.

  3. Keyscrambler isn’t free either. There is a free version of both spyshelter and keyscrambler but they are both limited.

  4. The free vesrion of SpyShelter only supports 32bit OS and therefor cannot give a driect comparison. The 64 Bit of SpyShelterv costs 20 Euoros for 1 year licence and 55 Euros for lifetime licence which might not be a lot of money but add this to the annual subscription you already have and it all adds up.

  5. True, though that is not clear from the Home screen, which is the only one I looked at initially. Anyhow, the free version is for 32-bit systems only, whereas the free version of KeyScrambler is for both.
    I am not trying to have a competition here between SS & KS, they both have their pros & cons. You use what’s best for you, as I do. Potential users of anti-keylogging software need to check out all possibilities.

  6. Well, paid version of SS & KS should not be compared since KS offers only keystroke encryption of selected applications while spyshelter encrypts everything and it’s just one of the features. But, as a rule of the thumb, every anti-keylogger is better than ‘internet security suites’ :-))

  7. What about using the truly free (and open source) Keepass? How good is it against potential keyloggers?

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