Overcome instantly: You don’t have permission to error messages with DropPermission

If in Windows 7 or Vista, while working with a particular file or folder, Windows throws up an error message saying that You do not have permission to do something, then you need to take full control of the file or folder.

Generally speaking, file / folder permissions determine whether you can access, read, write, modify a file or folder.

The Error messages you get may be any of the following types:

  • You don’t have read or write permission to the specified path
  • You don’t have permission to modify the file or folder
  • You need permission to perform this action
  • etc.

DropPermission is a program which helps you gain the permission instantly.

Download the .exe file and run it. A translucent square will open. Simply drag and drop the file or folder in this square, you will be given the requisite permissions.

Download page: DropPermission.

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  1. openid.anonymity.com

    With respect, this app should be called GET-Permission because the user is getting permission. This is the exact opposite of the current title DropPermission.

  2. Guest

    Drop Permission, meaning drag and DROP.

  3. Ed Dennis

    Did not work for me, just crashes in Win 10

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