OutlookTempCleaner helps you delete Outlook Temp files easily in Windows 10/8/7

Every email attachment in Microsoft Outlook when sent or downloaded leaves temporary files in your Windows PC. All these temp files get stuck in the temporary files folder of your PC. It is very important to delete these temp files not just to clear up disk space and improve the performance but also to avoid any kind of data theft risk.

The temp files used in viewing or adding an email attachment are all stored in the sub-directory of temporary internet files in your PC and if anyone has access to that folder, can see your sensitive information. Also, you might not be able to open or download any more of your Outlook email attachments if there are lots of temp files clogging your PC.

While we can always delete the temporary internet files manually from our PC, it is always helpful to take help from a third party application like OutlookTempCleaner, which is a free utility which can help you do this easily. With Outlook Temp Cleaner you can locate the secure temporary files folder & delete the temp files easily thereby making Microsoft Outlook run smooth.

Outlook Temp Cleaner for Windows

OutlookTempCleaner delete Outlook Temp files
This application as the name suggests deletes all your Outlook temp files thereby clearing up disk space and help in avoiding any kind of data theft. It is a free support tool for Microsoft Outlook.

Delete Outlook Temp files

Locating the secured folder of Outlook temporary files might be tricky for you at times, but this tool gives you easy access to the correct folder where these temp files are stored.

Outlook Temp Cleaner also helps in:

  • Checking the current size of temp files stored in the folder
  • Deleting all files and emptying the folder in one go.
  • Maintaining the folder using the scheduled tasks

There are three command lines of the program:

  1. Open Folder- There is a separate folder for every user. With this application, you can deploy shortcut switch which directly takes you the OutlookSecureTemp folder.
  2. Folder Size– This command lets you keep track of the folder size so that you can know when to empty the folder.
  3. Empty Folder- This switch lets you empty the folder directly. You can particularly schedule it and rest assured about the sensitive temp files hogging in your PC.

You can download the OutlookTempCleaner from here. The program requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0.

This freeware comes to you from the makers of OutlookTools.

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