Open PSD files without using Adobe Photoshop


  1. Thanks for speaking well of GIMP! I use that in connection with a number of other paid/free image editors; a number of online places (e.g., GIMP Plugin Registry)…if you’re willing to wade through them…contain enough Photoshop-like brushes, plugins, fonts and textures you can at least about equal Photoshop capability; a few really advanced GIMP users also make great tuts available on YouTube for newbs. I use the Poratbleapps version, my own has grown with manual additions to around half-gigabyte in size, and indeed it does handle PSD in very acceptable fashion. Another GIMP plus if you know Python or Scheme, you can literally write your own plugin to do whatever you want it to…no EULA required.

  2. I’m trying to open a PSD file (Avery Templates) and do not have photoshop…will this software work for these labels or is this primarily for Photo work….?? I hope this is seen!

  3. Hi Lindsey,
    You can open the Avery Templates in PSD format using GIMP or even Go2Convert. For this, you can either download GIMP or open Go2Convert online. However, Go2Convert will only be able to show you what the file looks like. You won’t be able to make any changes into the file. I hope this helps you.

  4. Hey Ankit,

    Thanks for the post. I wanted to convert my PSD file to JPEG and I tried using the Go2Convert option.
    However, it gave me an error of Improper Image Header.
    Do you know exactly, why this error might have popped up?
    Thanks! 🙂

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