Free secure online password generator to create random passwords

Nowadays, it has become a challenge to safeguard your digital privacy. There are numerous malware as well as spying agencies, who want to spy on you all the time. Moreover, the attackers try to compromise websites directly. It therefore becomes imperative that you create a strong password and also not use the same for more than one online service, as should any were to get compromised, the attacker would have your password for that service only. It is a real bad practice to use the same password everywhere for obvious reasons – all your online accounts would become susceptible to hacking if the password to leak.

Moreover, it is also not advisable to random common passwords like “password”, “qwerty”, “spiderman123” etc. Attackers can easily hack into your account using Brute Force if you are using such simple and easy to guess passwords. From shopping to banking, to your social accounts – using separate strong passwords is your primary defense.

And in any case, whether it is Wi-Fi password or net banking password or your computer’s password, you should create & use strong passwords and that’s where a password generator can help. In this post we will take a look at some of the free secure online password generators available on the Internet.

Free online password generators

1] LastPass

Lastpass password generator - online password generator

LastPass is an awesome cross platform password management service and app that helps users to create and manage strong passwords. Their website also offers a web tool, where you can select various option or set conditions to create random passwords. LastPass can generate up to 99 characters password. Obviously, you can choose the password length, alphabets, digits and special symbols. It is also possible to create pronounceable passwords but that may not recommended.

2] MSD Services

online password generators

MSD Services is the perfect alternative to LastPass password generator. This service comes with a lot of settings and options that can be utilized to create a strong password for you. You can include small letter, capital letter, numbers and special symbols. Like LastPass password generator, MSD Services can also create pronounceable passwords, which makes them easy to remember. It is possible to create as long a password as you want. It can even create 255 passwords at once, which is a unique feature of this online password generator.

3] Passwords Generator

Password Generators - online password generator

This one is the most popular online password generator to create random passwords. Like other strong password generators, you can use special symbols, capital letter, small letter, digit, ambiguous character and more. On the other hand, you can create very strong password by changing the password length. Although, it allows you to generate a 2048 character password, it may not be advisable since most of the services have a restriction to use long passwords. Otherwise, this is probably the easiest to use password generator.

4] Dashlane

Dashlane online password generator

Dashlane is a cross platform password management app and service. However, you can use the Dashlane password generator without downloading the Dashlane app on your mobile or PC. You can easily create strong password by including numbers, symbols, letters etc. You can create pronounceable passwords as well. Although, it doesn’t contain options like MSD Services, you can surely set the password length. It is possible to create a password with a minimum length of 4 characters and maximum length of 28 characters, using this service.

5] Maord

Maord online password generator

This may not be as popular as the others, but it comes with an awesome feature. It lets you convert a password from regular text to MD5 hash. It will let you carry out the conversion automatically. You will not have to use any other text to MD5 converter to get things done. Therefore, head over to Maord site, choose a password length (4-64 characters), quantity (1-2500), include or exclude small letter, capital letter, digits, symbols etc. There are two options to include or exclude few characters like – l, i, I, 0, O, o, 1 and convert to Hash value. You can also get the passwords in a CSV file, and that is obviously a plus point of this online password generator.

There are several other free other online password generators that let you create strong random passwords. Let us know if you wish to recommend any.

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