Password Spray Attack Definition and Defending yourself


  1. the often stated recommendation that passwords not be written down on a monitor or desktop or whatever, seems to indicate that these areas are open to prying eyes. when a password of 8-16 characters including non-alpha keys is used, just how is the HUMAN suppose to remember them without a written reminder? my question isn’t just a throw-away to use up space, it is specific. I have perhaps as many as 100 sites which require passwords and each suggests a different password for itself. without some form of database in which to find those passwords, the user will invariably choose to store it in the browser (Chrome, Edge, IE,etc.) which would then be vulnerable to a hacker’s access. so shouldn’t the recommendation be to use a password database system that requires the user to only memorize a “Master Password”? such a database is Password Corral, but there are many others that do the same thing.

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