Top 10 most common Passwords to avoid

How difficult is to choose a Password? Actually, choosing the right password is not difficult – but remembering it, sure is! Every day, we use several passwords. These passwords are used for making online transactions, logging into social accounts, opening emails or even for protecting important documents. However, most people tend to choose easy-to-remember, common passwords that are too simple and can be easily hacked.

Here is a list of some of the top 10 most common passwords that everybody should avoid. You will be surprised to know that these common passwords are being used by millions of people across the globe every day, according to security researchers. Hence, hacking these passwords is a cakewalk for hackers.

common passwords to avoid

Common Passwords to avoid

When you are asked to set a password, what comes to your mind? It is often a simple numeric pattern, names of sports or the common names. You are not alone. Many people around the world use simple aforementioned passwords and sometimes their user names. These are the common passwords to avoid as these are easily hackable.

  1. Numeric passwords: If we talk about numeric passwords, then ‘123456’ is the top most common password. As a result, it is also a bad password and should be avoided completely. Apart from this, many people use ‘12345678’, ‘1234’, ‘1234567’, ‘123456789’ and even ‘1234567890’. Though some of these are long passwords; these are easy to guess as well.
  2. Numeric passwords with repeated digits: In addition to above passwords, people also use numeric passwords with repeated digits. In this category, ‘1111’ is one of the most common passwords. This is followed by other common passwords like ‘0000’, ‘1212’, ‘7777’, ‘1001’, ‘2000’, ‘1010’, ‘2020’ and so on. These numbers are not only used as passwords; but these are also the common PIN numbers used for ATM transactions. These should be avoided completely.
  3. Password: Don’t be surprised here. This is the second most common password used across the globe. The word ‘password’ itself serves as the password for many. Other variations of this word are, ‘password1’, ‘PASSWORD’, ‘p@ssword’ and ‘passw0rd’. However, hackers know this too.
  4. Qwerty: You saw this coming, right? ‘QWERTY’ (all caps) or ‘qwerty’ (all small letters) is also one of the most common passwords on this earth. Another variation to this is ‘qwertyuiop’. So you thought you are the only one to use it? It is easy to remember as all these make up the first line of the keyboard.
  5. Sports names: People love sports and they love to use these names as their passwords. Out of all sports names used as common passwords, the most common are ‘football’, ‘baseball’, ‘hockey’, ‘soccer’ and ‘golfer’. Not only sports name, but some words related to sports are also very commonly used as passwords. These include, ‘jordan’, ‘yankees’, ‘eagles’, ‘arsenal’, ‘ashley’ and ‘nascar’. Have you been using any of these lately?
  6. Common words related to login: You guessed it right. ‘Welcome’ is one of the most common passwords. Other related common passwords are; ‘letmein’, ‘login’, ‘enter’, ‘admin’, ‘pass’, ‘access’ and ‘secret’.
  7. Alphanumeric passwords: Ideally alphanumeric passwords are supposed to be the strong passwords. However, if you are using ‘abcd123’ or ‘abc123’; then your account will be hacked within no time. Other common passwords in this category are, ‘trustno1’, ‘password1’ and ‘welcome1’.
  8. Animal names: Some people try animal names. The most common passwords in this category are, ‘monkey’, ‘dolphin’ and ‘tiger’; again the bad passwords.
  9. Pet’s names: You would definitely argue here that every person’s pet’s name is different. Then how is it possible to guess it? But surprisingly, many pet owners choose the names for their pets which are very common. These include, ‘Charlie’, ‘Bella’, ‘coco’, ‘max’, ‘Lucy’, ‘oreo’ and so on. As a result, these names are also the most common passwords; in turn the passwords which should be avoided completely.
  10. Other common passwords: Apart from the above, there are some fairly common passwords such as , ‘dragon’, ‘master’, ‘princess’, ‘solo’, ‘starwars’, ‘iloveyou’, ‘michael’, ‘superman’, ‘batman’, ‘shadow’ and ‘sunshine’.

We have tried to list down as many possible common passwords which should be avoided. However, apart from these, you should also avoid significant dates, date of birth (yours or your relatives), child’s name, spouse’s name, place of birth and favorite holiday destination as a password.

In today’s world, it is necessary to create strong passwords that contain alphanumeric characters, special characters and a mix of upper and lower case. Even better if you create Passphrases using ASCII.

You can make use of some good free Free Password Manager software or an Online Password Manager, that will help you not only remember and securely store your passwords but also create strong passwords every time. There are several random online password generators available. Our freeware PassBox is a handy little tool that will remember all your passwords and even generate strong passwords for your account. You can also check out this portable freeware Password Generator.

We hope that this information helps you keep your online identity and data protected all the time.

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    hiiiiiiii nice post for the windows user

  3. Dan

    I use open source and portable “PWGen” to create passwords for important places; it can generate some very highly secure passwords but you need either a photographic memory or separate secure notation of what that password is; for more mundane accounts I use the Chrome/FF extension “Blur”, which makes and stores good passwords in the cloud but security depends on 1) your remembering to sign out of Blur (not just disable extension) prior to shutting down device, and 2) Blur sync server security…important as both all accounts and matching passwords sit on them.

    BTW, the link to MS password checker in your story took me to a 2010 TWC entry, from there the link to MS password generator kept timing out or throwing “may have moved” errors; same happened when I Googled and found such a link at Symantec for MS checker…couldn’t get MS itself as an option in Google results.

    Thanks for this security reminder piece, and it’s good to add change even strong passwords from time to time as a hacker could get lucky or siphon that data from a website ala the recent Linux Mint episode. Cheers!

  4. The Microsoft’s Password Checker seems to have been taken down. Removed the link. Thanks. 🙂

  5. david

    always use mixed pasword numeric and alfabatic.

  6. chesstauren

    Good tips… Back in the 1990’s, the most common “secure” passwords were proper names followed by a single digit. typically 1… 🙂

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    I like this list. However, what is the source of this information that identified that these are the top common passwords.

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