Ad blockers vs Anti Ad Blockers – Internet’s biggest arms race

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Syd Thomson

    Don’t have a problem with adverts as long as they are not intrusive, since I ignore them anyhow. I do strongly object to tracking cookies an therefore I clean out all cookies and caches etc from sites I know employ such devious tactics.

  2. MattWilkins

    Ok _ I get it! See your point of view. Disabling AdBlock for this site.

    Nice detailed write up btw, a bit long though – bookmarked for weekend reading.

  3. Mike

    I wish I could say to all the advertisers in the world “Put up as many non-intrusive ads as you like, just don’t track me and don’t target me. As long as you find it necessary to track or target me I’ll find it necessary to counter that any way I can.”

  4. abodooma

    Acceptable ads are not intrusive.. that’s fine with me
    I don’t like to make people lose money but most ads are plain annoying, distracting, and make pages load slower.. plus the stupid popups that even adblockers can’t stop.. everywhere I click there ought to be a popup… some websites are just ads with a tiny content in between

    So, I’m fine with non intrusive ads which you can disable if you don’t like them

  5. jensenjs

    I agree, as long they are not intrusive it is ok.

    But a site
    filled with two bands of small adds at the sides of the homepage, often take much of the bandwidth and on smaller computers they can make the the computer almost freezes for a long time.

    Many students use these small and very portable note-books and ultra-books, in their study, and if they
    visit a good homepage for their studies , and the homepage have to many adds then the student either use an ad-blocker or leave the page completely.

    So it’s a matter of balance how to use adds, to make visitors to stay on the page and to read the adds of interest and ignore the rest.

    The site can have adds, but not in the reading area. Between blocks of text small bands filling (2-3 lines) of text are ok it can be text or graphics, no animations it disturb the reading-process.

    The site can have adds at the borders of the reading area, as long as the reading area are not to small, but please no animations.

    And don’t pre-load all the adds as soon as we enter the site, pre-load 1-2 reading areas.

    And very important! ONLY USE ADDS WITH suspicious content, or redirecting to it.

    I am not interested in a penis enlargement, I do not need a bucket of Viagra, and I am already married and I love my wife 🙂

    If they follow these rules, the majority of users would not use add-blockers on these sites, as they can read without disturbing, blinking and so on.

    If we find some of the adds interesting we will read them.

    Today TWC have unfortunately a large add for “work on-line from home” it’s annoying, taking up a half the reading area, this make me ignore it because it is a intrusive add.
    And at the same time there’s a risk I am loosing the interest of the site completely.

    Now TWC’s site in it self are one of the best build sites, It is very well constructured and are working well on notebooks or ultra-pc’s.

  6. Amanda

    To those who have limited broadband quota and run on old PC, the ads is very annoying.

  7. Subash Prabu

    Malware creators are malvertising ads on popular web pages using vulnerabilities, stay and surf safe 😀

  8. John Henry

    if you have a internet business model , you should know like any business online or brick and mortar , you need customers to fund your operation , you better have something to offer , I see so many sites with garbage on the shelves complaining they cant make revenue or their ads are being blocked , If you cannot afford the business your in get the hell out of it and find something else to do . You are complaining about people getting free rides while you are farming and selling these visitors to ad companies as property and making a profit from it SCREW YOU .

  9. Faulty logic!

    By your very logic, you should know, like any activity, this too needs money to sustain. The newspaper you read – is financed primarily by ads. You see TV? Notice the ads? Walk down the street and you see outdoor ads which fill up the coffers of the municipality.

    It is the same with online content. It needs money to generate content or develop and distribute freeware (without bundleware) completely free to all. It doesnt come free! Nothing does!

    Till an alternative – like say a ‘Pay per view’ model is found, the advertising is what is funding the free Internet as we see it today.

    I too see so many shops selling garbage, but I never visit them. I visit shops which sell good products. Its same with websites. I like to believe that this site is a well known site which offers value. It offers Windows tips or a tutorial to fix your computer which many find useful. Therefore it gets a very high traffic.

    Never have we complained about ad bocking – we respect every individuals decision and have only highlighted the problem.

    Actually, if you dont like to see the ads, you should simply STOP visiting sites which display ads. Why visit them, block the ads, read the content and then crib about the ads? Someone might actually call you a Freeloader! Deal with it, John!

    My advice to you? Get off the Internet. You dont have a place here!

  10. Rob West

    I use ublock. But the websites, including this one, I frequent and obtain information from that helps me manage my computers at home or work, I whitelist from blocking.

  11. lg

    3) Will a day come when a company like say Google buys, say a popular ad blocker like AdBlock?

    The answer: No

    We would whole heartily reject any ad blocker with any Google influence. The day I can’t avoid Google’s “whitelist” is the day I go with another blocker. Google has long ago ceased to be just a search engine. They are now one of the most, if not the biggest ad companies on the planet, and cannot be trusted. I do not under any circumstance use Google. I’m still mad that there’s a picture of me raking my lawn on Google Maps.

  12. lg

    There’s a fix, but no one seems interested. A way of advertising online without having to care or worry about ad blockers of any kind.. ever. Instead of using objects, just marry a prefetched group of images (ads) and marry them to the background image before it is downloaded, with the images to the left and right of where the text will go. Then join it with the text body and let it download. Ad blockers won’t even see it, and nobody will care, because there not “dancing” around and popping up all over the place, playing sound.

    The only reason for not doing it this way is either 1) I’m smarter than people who get paid to do this. or 2) There just plain greedy and overtly malicious. You decide.

    Also, you could put an old fashioned “visit counter” on the page and if you had 8 ads on the page, you’ve just confirmed 8 ads viewed. Keep it simple, and things work. There’s no excuse for requiring “dancing” ads or pop-ups. Not to mention nefarious tracking.

  13. John Henry

    This is also why TV sucks today 5 minutes of a show and 10 minutes of useless ads . We started out 30 years ago paying for cable tv because it had no ads , Now it is just god awful junk and not worth paying for. If you are selling a product you do not need ads on your site to stay alive . If you host a blog or a forum that’s all on you out of pocket , nobody else needs to pay for your hobby .

  14. Jack

    Using Adblockers and reading content, which takes money and efforts to generate, is akin to leeching. In computing and specifically Internet, a leech is one who benefits, from others’ information or effort but does not offer anything in return.

  15. I am not selling a product. I am offering free help tutorials and features discussions about Windows. You don’t have to pay for my hobby.Just stop visiting this website and wasting my bandwidth, if you feel so strongly about it.

  16. John Henry

    I stick sites with ads that run across on a block list , so I never return to them if I can help it . the list is block network wide in the system routers. so no worries .

  17. Great – so don’t waste my bandwidth henceforth 🙂

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