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Turn off Advertising ID to disable Targeted Ads in Windows 10

Turn off Advertising ID to disable Targeted Ads in Windows 10

Microsoft hooks up every computer running Windows 10 with an Advertising ID. This helps them to provide them with relevant ads. These advertisements are delivered to the user in the Action Center, Start Menu, as well as the advertisements inside […]

How to block Ads in Windows 10

Stop Microsoft from spying on you in Windows 10. Opt out of data collection & personalized ads by in Windows 10 PC, Phone, Mobile, Apps, Browser, Bing & Microsoft Account. In this post, we will see how to block or […]

Manage and personalize ad preferences in Microsoft products

Advertisements are used by almost every companies that provide free services – be it search, apps or storage. And this is natural, because how else can one expect to provide you with free products or services!? Since the free services […]

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Keyword Research Tool updated to v8

Microsoft has released an updated version of the Microsoft Advertising Intelligence Excel add-on. This add-on is a useful tool for keyword research and optimization. The tool, earlier called adCenter Add-in for Excel, has taken a jump straight from version  5.6 to version […]

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History of Windows ads from Windows 1.0 to Windows 7

Like all major products spanning multiple decades, Windows has spawned multiple versions and many advertising efforts. Some good, some bad. But then, there’s always the ones they’d rather you forget about … here’s the best and worst of Windows ads […]

The Windows 7 Pride Contest

Are you proud user of Windows 7 or maybe a big fan of Windows® 7? Then you have a good shot at being nominated ‘Europe’s Proudest Windows® 7 Member’!