Workaround for Office Preview app error – This app can’t open

Many of the Windows Insiders were facing problem opening Office Preview app on Windows 10 TP. Apps like the Word preview app or several other modern apps, when launched, either didn’t open or displayed an error This app can’t open, Check the Windows Store for more info.

WordApp preview Error

This app can’t open, Check the Windows Store for more info

Microsoft has identified the cause and provided a workaround.

What caused the issue

The issue was related to the Store Licensing Service. Preview Apps were given a license that timed out far too quickly. This was fixed on Feb. 23. But this gave rise to another issue where the Store fails to acquire a new license if one already existed, even if the license had expired. Removing and reinstalling doesn’t clear the cache so the app fails to get the license at startup. If you had installed the app prior to Feb. 23 then you would hit this issue and removing and reinstalling the app won’t fix the problem.


Microsoft’s Andrew Moss explaining the issue has posted the workaround in the Microsoft’s Community. It’s a workaround till a fix is made available. What this workaround does is, it purges all licenses cached on the device, and allow a refresh of all valid licenses. After you do this workaround you will need to remove Word Preview, PowerPoint Preview and Excel Preview and re-acquire them from the Store (and other Apps if they are also showing the same symptoms)

Here’s the step-by-step instructions

1. Open Notepad and paste the following text into the blank doc

echo off
net stop clipsvc
if "%1"=="" (
 move %windir%\serviceprofiles\localservice\appdata\local\microsoft\clipsvc\tokens.dat %windir%\serviceprofiles\localservice\appdata\local\microsoft\clipsvc\tokens.bak
if "%1"=="recover" (
 copy %windir%\serviceprofiles\localservice\appdata\local\microsoft\clipsvc\tokens.bak %windir%\serviceprofiles\localservice\appdata\local\microsoft\clipsvc\tokens.dat
net start clipsvc

2. Save the file with some name as “activelic.bat” (note the .bat extension)

3. Right click Start button (window logo) , open ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’. Execute the batch file from this admin command prompt.

4. Go to the Start menu and uninstall the App exhibiting the behavior.

5. Go to the Gray Store and reacquire the App. Launch it and it should now open, reacquire a new, valid, license.

What script is doing is stopping the client license service (which may not be running) renaming the cache and restarting it again. The cache will update as apps are launched.

It worked perfectly for me. I was having the issue with Word Preview, Excel Preview and PowerPoint Preview apps. After running the script, uninstalling and reinstalling they are working fine.

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