Notifications Visualizer lets you test Notifications of apps under development

Windows 10 displays notifications in the Action Center, in a very convenient way so that you can categorize all the notifications according to your priority. However, a notification appears smoothly when the developer codes it properly. If you are a Windows software developer and want to check how your app will show notification on various devices, you can take the help of Notifications Visualizer app which will let you check examples of different notifications of your app-under-development in the Action Center.

Notifications Visualizer Windows Store app

If you are a developer, you must have thought about the notification formatting and styling. As Windows 10 lets you switch between the Desktop and Tablet mode, you will accept that it is quite important to make your notifications responsive with both the designs. Moreover, mobile app developers should also take care of the mobile version of the notification.

Notifications Visualizer is an app that allows users to check different notifications such as Calendar, Weather, Maps, Mail, and so on. To get started, download and install this free app from the Windows Store on your Windows 10 machine.

Notifications Visualizer Windows Store app

You can set up different parameters like the OS build number (you can choose one among Build 15063/14393/10586/10240), notification name, color, badge value, etc. You can also customize the default logo for various notifications. The most important task is choosing a device. You have three different options i.e. Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.

After setting up everything in this tab, go to the next section. Here you can check and edit the payloads. That is, you can choose the category of the notifications. It is also possible to backup your payloads, export to code, etc. You can also pin any tile to the Start menu.

If you are done with the editing part, you should check the notification, which can be found in the next section. Here you can again edit the code if you want. After making all the changes hit the Pop toast button that is visible in the bottom right section.

Notifications Visualizer lets you check examples of different notifications

You will see an example notification right on your screen. It will appear just like an original notification. Based on the category of your notification, you can choose a further action as well.

If you are app developer and want to test different notifications, Notification Visualizer seems to be a handy app. This app comes o you from Microsoft MSDN and is available at the Windows Store.

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