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Best Note Taking apps for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone users have access to a variety of n0te-taking apps ranging from the minimalist to highly feature-rich app in the Windows Phone Store. After using almost every app, we have listed below some of the best Note taking apps for Windows Phone 8.

Best Note Taking apps for Windows Phone 8

One Note for Windows Phone 8

OneNote is Microsoft’s own Note-taking app which is pre-installed on the phone and was a part of Office Hub in Windows Phone 7. In Windows Phone 8, OneNote gets easy and better with additional features that helps you get things done quick and easy.

OneNote makes its appearance in the app list that allows you to quick launch it rather going into Office Hub. With OneNote you to take notes and make to-do list on the go which simultaneously synchronizes with Skydrive as well.

With Windows Phone 8, you can even attach photos from the camera and audio to your notes. One of the interesting feature in it is ‘voice dictation’. With this feature you can dictate the text and OneNote types it which your typing time. Integration with Skydrive is the most welcomed feature as it allows you to get your note anywhere from Office Web Apps, OneNote for Windows 8 and OneNote for iOS and Android as well.

OneNote is the most favourite note-taking app among users.

Typr for Windows Phone 8

Typr is a simple and easy to use note-taking app which is somewhat similar to OneNote, but still different. Typr makes note-taking easy with its elegant and minimalistic interface. The point of this app is to move all the clutter found in traditional text-editing apps out-of-the-way, leaving a blank canvas for your imagination to fill. Typr is all about being simple.

Typr is mainly focused at simple note-taking and that’s why doesn’t support text formatting. All the content written therein will be simple text, default font, font size and black color. It is connected to SkyDrive which saves the note on cloud and phone as well. By logging into SkyDrive you can access files on the desktop and create a safe backup if the device is lost.

Typr is available on Windows Phone Store for $0.99.

EverNote for Windows Phone 8

It is a feature-rich and popular note-taking service which is available on different platforms. This popular note-taking service is updated with additional and utile features for Windows Phone 8.

Rather than sticking to a minimalistic interface, Evernote is packed with features. Being a cross-platform app, it can synchronize your notes with different devices so that you can access your notes anywhere. Along with note-taking, saving and editing, it offers Facebook sharing as well. The notes are not restricted to text only, rather you can add anything, almost anything to your note. In addition to text you can add multiple audio recordings, images in a single note. It also includes sophisticated search features and a maps interface for browsing notes by any location.

Evernote is available on Windows Phone Store free.

Let us know if you have suggestions or favorites!