Microsoft OneNote Tips and Tricks for beginners

OneNote is one app whose potentiality gets undermined under the shadow of other popular Office apps like Word and PowerPoint. In my opinion, OneNote, a note-taking application remains as a hidden secret in Office. The application is easy to use and crammed with features organized into a paper-like notebook – yet relatively very few use it. It makes access to your content in the cloud simpler with SkyDrive. We have already covered some basic OneNote tutorials, now let’s cover some more OneNote tips in this post.

Microsoft OneNote tips and tricks

The use of Microsoft OneNote can become easier with step-by-step instructions and helpful tips. Most useful OneNote features are available at your fingertips.

Syncing OneNote file with SkyDrive

Select the ‘File’ option from the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen and choose ‘Settings’. From the list of options displayed, select the ‘Sync’ option.

Microsoft OneNote 2013 Tips and Tricks

When presented with a new screen, hit the ‘Sync now’ button if you have checked the manual sync option.

Change Color of the Notebook in OneNote

Click the ‘File’ menu. Under Notebook Information’ section select the ‘Properties’ option.


Now, If you would like to change the location of the file saved or color of the notebook, select the desired option from ‘Notebook Properties’.

change color

Share file with Friends via Email in OneNote

Hit the ‘File’ menu, left-click the ‘Settings’ option and select the first option ‘Share or Move’.

share or move option

Then, enter the email address of the person whom you would like to share the file with and hit the ‘Share’ tab.

Share notebooks

You should see the email address of the person appearing below the ‘Share’ button. You can enter a personal message with the invitation, if essential.

Send OneNote Audio or Video Recording directly to a blog

You should have your blog registered with OneNote App first. If you do not have the blog registered, simply choose the provider and follow the wizard steps.

Enter the blog post URL with the user account information (username and password).


The app will contact blog provider first.

Adjust audio or video recording settings

If the quality of your recordings in OneNote does not meet with your expectations, you can adjust the default audio and video settings. Here’s how to go about it.

Click the ‘File’ options. From the left pane, select ‘Options’.

In the Category list in the Options dialog box, click Audio and Video. Choose the options you want.

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Hope you enjoyed the post!

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