Download Free Norton Identity Safe, a Password Manager, from Symantec


  1. If you had to make a choice between Norton’s Identity Safe or the free version of LastPass…. which would you choose ?

    Guy in Victoria

  2. Last Pass every time for me – I have had nothing but trouble with Norton 360 which they never resolved so don’t trust the company.
    Have used LastPass for ages with no hassle.

  3. Still a whole lot of bugs in this. I used it for about three weeks and then uninstalled it. Unlike Kaspersky’s password manager that will ask to remember you passwords and actually log you in every single time when you do save them, Identity safe does not, seems to work only when it wants to. Another sticking point with me is that what good is a password safe if your passwords are backed up online? You have to create a master password for the software itself then YET another for your online backup, no thank you, I’ll backup my own passwords thank you. I’ll stick with Kaspersky.

  4. You know Ray, writing down your passwords on paper is really not all that bad an idea, as long as you keep them in a safe place. Realistically the only passwords I keep on my password keeper are the ones that in the event I got hacked I could really care less about. My REAL IMPORTANT passwords for places that contain sensitive information like banking, credit cards, bills and so forth are not even kept with a password keeper or anywhere on my machine for that fact, I keep those on an encrypted usb that is locked up in a fireproof strong box.

  5. I have been working in IT sense the mid-80s…and base on that 25+ years of experience I can say with certainty that ANY AND ALL Symantec/Norton products are a complete joke.

  6. When someone has a problem with the password utility, they ask for help on the Norton forum. Then random tech guys at Norton give random advice. They give ridiculous procedures that are slightly more difficult than Watson and Crick’s discovery of the spiral helix, then the user reports back that the computer now has other problems. The impression I have is that there is something very wrong with Symantec and Norton products.

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