Download Free Norton Identity Safe, a Password Manager, from Symantec

Symantec has introduced a new service called Norton Identity Safe Service, which is free to download till 1st October 2012. All those, who download and install this tool will be able to use the service free of charge for ever. Why? Probably because the service might make paid after that date.

Basically, Norton Identity Safe is a free password manager that stores your username and passwords in the cloud, allowing you to access it across multiple browsers and devices. This free cloud-enabled service will allow you to easily and securely store and synchronize logins, passwords, credit cards, and other Web form information – thereby keeping your identities secure.

I downloaded and installed the application. My first impression is that the tool is quite easy to install and even easier to use. Once you download and run the installer, you will be asked to ‘Agree and Install’. I did go through the User Licenses Agreement and there doesn’t seem anything which you, as a user may want to object to. There are no other hidden installs.

Once the installation is over, you will be required to set up a Norton Account and also create a Master Password to secure your passwords vault.

Norton Identity Safe includes quite a few features and include:

  1. Simplified password management – Eliminates the hassle of remembering multiple logins and passwords, as users only need to remember one master password for quick, secure access to their favorite sites.
  2. Streamlined user experience – Shows users their logins with thumbnail images, allowing them to log in to a desired site by clicking on the image, or for mobile and tablet users, by simply touching the screen.
  3. Sharing on social sites – Allows users to safely share online content by sending URLs through email and social networking plugins, directly from Norton Identity Safe beta.
  4. Automatic login synchronization across devices – Enables users to store a password on one device and easily log in from another device, wherever they go.
  5. Safe Search – Ensures users can search with confidence and view site ratings right in the search results, enabling users to see whether a website is safe before visiting it.
  6. Norton Safe Web protection – helps consumers keep their online credentials from being compromised by unsafe websites.

Once I completed all this, the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar was added to my Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. But it works on Safari too.

You will be able to access all its settings and your Password Vault too from here.

The toolbar goes a step further and advises you on the ratings of the websites. So if you happen to see a suspicious website in the search results, you will warned accordingly.

The tool is quite easy to use, and if you need to remember a lot of passwords – which you tend to forget, using it might be a good idea. The only reservation one could have is that all your credentials will be stored in the cloud – and what guarantees does one have that the servers will never be hacked! Maybe you are already using a desktop password manager or maybe an online password manager – but in any case Norton Identity Safe looks work checking out.

Download it by October 1, 2012 and enjoy it FREE of charge forever. After that, it may go the paid way. Head over to Norton if you plan to use this service – and yes, please do share your experiences too, about this tool.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Guy Chuaunsu

    If you had to make a choice between Norton’s Identity Safe or the free version of LastPass…. which would you choose ?

    Guy in Victoria

  2. RayW

    Last Pass every time for me – I have had nothing but trouble with Norton 360 which they never resolved so don’t trust the company.
    Have used LastPass for ages with no hassle.

  3. This is Junk

    Yeah… and I trust these boneheads with my passwords. In a word; crapware.

  4. Ed

    Still a whole lot of bugs in this. I used it for about three weeks and then uninstalled it. Unlike Kaspersky’s password manager that will ask to remember you passwords and actually log you in every single time when you do save them, Identity safe does not, seems to work only when it wants to. Another sticking point with me is that what good is a password safe if your passwords are backed up online? You have to create a master password for the software itself then YET another for your online backup, no thank you, I’ll backup my own passwords thank you. I’ll stick with Kaspersky.

  5. LastPass is NOT crapware

    what do you base your comments on?
    see steve gibson last pass on youtube for some professional opinion and comments instead of your inane unsupported rubbish.

    I also use keyscambler –

    so what do you do with your passwords? – write them down on paper? I would at least use KeyPass.

  6. Ed

    You know Ray, writing down your passwords on paper is really not all that bad an idea, as long as you keep them in a safe place. Realistically the only passwords I keep on my password keeper are the ones that in the event I got hacked I could really care less about. My REAL IMPORTANT passwords for places that contain sensitive information like banking, credit cards, bills and so forth are not even kept with a password keeper or anywhere on my machine for that fact, I keep those on an encrypted usb that is locked up in a fireproof strong box.

  7. Jim Boyd

    I have been working in IT sense the mid-80s…and base on that 25+ years of experience I can say with certainty that ANY AND ALL Symantec/Norton products are a complete joke.

  8. Kent Betts

    When someone has a problem with the password utility, they ask for help on the Norton forum. Then random tech guys at Norton give random advice. They give ridiculous procedures that are slightly more difficult than Watson and Crick’s discovery of the spiral helix, then the user reports back that the computer now has other problems. The impression I have is that there is something very wrong with Symantec and Norton products.

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