NANO Antivirus: Light-weight, fast, free antivirus software for Windows


  1. Isn’t a little irresponsible to write a “review” about an antivirus program whose effectiveness you’ve never tested?

  2. For a very basic a/v it has one mighty BIG installer at 420 mb! Way too big for my liking. And, where are the comparatives with other a/v’s? Would like to know how it compares, for example, with MSE.

  3. You can use NANO for testing purpose, run it on your computer few days if it meets your requirement then wait for the final build of NANO to launch.

  4. NANO offers many in-depth features that you will not find in MSE, like boot sector scan, easy to use UI, uses deep scanning technique which is certainly missing in MSE.

  5. Hi Matt, We are still testing program efficiency. Will publish the detail review about the same very soon, please stay tuned to TheWindowsClub for updates, cheers !

  6. Thanks for the heads up and the link.

    This software is avilable for download on Majorgeeks, Softpedia as well as CNET.

    An app of This NANO AV is also available on the Windows Store.

    This one is a new one and still in Beta stage, whereas the BleepingComputers review is dated 2008, so I am thinking maybe they are different.

  7. This antivirus is HUGE…. 420 mb… Why is it so large. I haven’t seen any reviews on this software as of yet so it will be difficult for me to trust an unknown antivirus to protect my computer.

  8. Hello guys,

    Thank you for the review. I’d like to clarify some matters. As for “fake av”, of course we are not. There even is a very old article on our site about that fake av, unfortunately in Russian only .

    As for the size of our offline installer, it is big because it contains all our virus base. So you don’t need to download it after the installation. Anyway we are optimizing it permanently to prevent further growth of installer size.

    Also a few words about beta status. Our product is completely ready. But we are going to release it as soon as we release all necessary services for our future users (7*24 tech-support etc.).

    If you are interested to know more, please visit out forum .

    Thank you!

  9. NANO Antivirus is a quite interesting new antivirus program. It is not known widely yet but I’m sure it has a great potential. I use it and appreciate so much because I can use the very good program free. Good luck to developers and thank you!

  10. And what is the problem? Beta or not beta, no matter if the product is quality. My experience with NANO Antivirus is definitely positive.

  11. And what is the problem? Beta or not beta, no matter if the product is quality. My experience with NANO Antivirus is definitely positive.

  12. I use it almost 1 year. It has very good detection rate and clear interface. A small drawback is that the first update is quite slow.

  13. NANO AntiVirus Pro was one of the most prestigious awards in the antivirus industry!

    VB100 test laboratory – one of the oldest reputable independent laboratories conducting testing of antivirus products.

    During the test confirmed 100% detection of malware samples, as well as the absence of false positives. This
    has allowed our product NANO AntiVirus Pro to receive VB100 badge,
    confirming the high quality and reliability of the product. Also assessed the stability of the product and its impact on the
    operating system, in these tests, our product has also shown good

    by a testing team VB100: «NANO Antivirus Pro impressed in the last few
    tests steady tendency to improve in all areas, and this month he again
    showed his best side. Stability was flawless on the system impact is quite acceptable. Detection of malware samples is quite high, including a perfect DETECTIVE the Wildlist samples, no problems with false alarms. “

  14. I’ve just installed the free version and checked Nano on AMTSO website. It passed all tests, including the anti-phishing test. The only thing you have to do is to open compressed files for reliable treat detection, but everything else works flawlessly. They have made significant improvements since my last check-up.

  15. If your db is that big and if you load your db on ram, your av isnt light at all!

    Why is your db that big anyway? Just hash blacklist? Your engine doesnt use gen/heur? If your av does use cloud or behavior tech, the db wouldnt be that big!

    Do you even update your engine to reduce your db size? Engine is simple hash scanner?

    Perhaps db is full of blacklisted sites? Lol. Do the checking by web guard remotely!

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